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Patricia Brennan
Associate Professor
Bachelor of Science Nursing

Patricia (Trish) Brennan is an Associate Professor at Samuel Merritt University where she teaches critical care, health policy and leadership for undergraduate, masters, and DNP students. Dr. Brennan recently completed an NIH appointment as Faculty Champion for Genetics and Genomics and currently serves on the Editorial Board of the NIH National Genome Research Institute’s Genetics and Genomics Competency Center. Research interests include health policy issues related to access to care, particularly in regard to genetics and genomics and acuity based models of organ allocation. In addition, Dr. Brennan is currently assessing the outcomes of simulation and immersive learning through inter-disciplinary education, particularly related to critical care and genomic education.

BSN, Emory University

MS (Critical Care/Trauma) Univeristy of California, San Francisco

PhD (Health Policy) University of California, San Francisco

Health Services Research regarding access, cost and quality of care particularly related to high acuity resource allocation;
Health Policy Issues related to an acuity based model of organ allocation;
Integration of Genetics and Genomics into Inter-professional Education;
Evaluation of Simulation in Inter-professional Health Education as well as Clinical Practice

N164 and N566 Critical Care (BSN, MSN)

N108 Nursing Research (BSN)

N160 Leadership, Management and Health Policy (BSN)

N104 Global Implications of Genetics and Genomics (BSN)

N602 Health Policy for Advanced Practice Nurses (MSN and post-professional FNP)

N702 Advanced Health Policy and Advocacy (DNP)

Matsuda E. & Brennan, P. (2014). The effectiveness of continuous subcutaneous insulin pumps with continuous glucose monitoring in outpatient adolescents with type 1 diabetes: A systematic review. Joanna Briggs Institute Library of Systematic Reviews (in press)

Brennan, P., Jenkins, J., & Rodriquez de Bittner, M. (2014). Gaining a One Health Understanding through Genetics and Genomics: the NIH G2C2 Resource. Alexandria, Virginia, April 2014. (Invited speaker)

Brennan, P. (2014). The Affordable Care Act: A Toolkit for Educators. AACN Master’s Education: Essential to the Future of Health Care. Scottsdale, Arizona, March 2014. (Invited speaker)

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Brennan, P. (2013). Initiatives in Developing Inter-professional Education. Session Moderator. Sigma Theta Tau International’s 24th International Nursing Research Congress. Prague, Czech Republic. July 26, 2013.

Simmons, B., Brennan, P, Walton, M. & Hoffman, E. (2013). Creating the Virtual Classroom. Webinar Presentation on-line for Educause, February 12, 2013, (approximately 100 attendees) http://educause.adobeconnect.com/p5h4nbj2nei/

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Brennan, P. (2011). Deciphering How to Add Genetic and Genomic Content into Nursing Curricula. Presented at the Pre-conference on Faculty Curricular Integration at the Annual Meeting of the International Society of Nurses in Genetics, October 2011, Montreal, Canada.

Brennan, P., Villaneuva, C. & Steirs, W. (2011). From Practice to Ivory Tower: High Fidelity Simulation for Sepsis Education. Presented at the Annual Magic in Teaching Conference, October 2011, San Diego, California.

Brennan, P. (2010). Faculty Champion Driven Curriculum Innovations in Genetics and Genomics. Presented at the International Conference of the Global Alliance for Leadership in Nursing Education and Science (GANES), December 2011, Washington DC.

Brennan, P. (2010). Exemplar of Faculty Champion Curricular Innovations (invited podium presentation) Presented at the National Institutes of Health, September 2010, Bethesda, Maryland.

Brennan, P. (2006). Public Solicitation of Organs on the Internet: Ethical and Policy Issues. Journal of Emergency Nursing, 32(2): 191-193.

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Brennan, P. (2001). Transplant Nurses and Coordinators Special Program Chairperson and Moderator. Presented at the American Society of Transplant Surgeons and the American Society of Transplant Physicians Annual Conference, May 2001, Chicago, Illinois.

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Brennan, P. (1992). A Portrait of Care: Stories of Excellence in Nursing Practice. Invited Clinical Exemplar presented as part of the Keynote Address by the distinguished alumni recipient, Dr. Patricia Benner at UCSF Nursing Alumni Day, April 25, 1992, San Francisco, CA

Brennan, P. (1990). Approaching Donor Families: Ethical Concerns in Transplantation. Presented at the 4th Annual Western Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation Conference, September 23, 1990, Scottsdale, Arizona.

Brennan, P. (1986). Heart Transplantation in Children. Presented at Nursing Grand Rounds at Stanford University Medical Center, Spring 1986, Palo Alto, CA.

Brennan, P. (1984). The Health Care System in Ireland. Post-graduate Fellowship Lecture, Emory University, Spring 1984, Atlanta, GA.


2014 Paul C. Samson Clinical Professorial Chair

2013 AACN Health Policy Fellow

2012 Distinguished Practitioner and Fellow in the National Academies of Practice

2011 Daisy Award Winner for Excellence in Teaching

Samuel Merritt University Faculty of the Year 2011

AACN Novice Faculty Excellence in Teaching Award Nominee 2011-2012

NIH Genetic and Genomic Competency Center Editor, DHHS 2009-present

NIH Faculty Champion in Genetics/Genomics 2009-2010

SMU Faculty Research Incentive Award 2009-2010

2005-2008 Betty Irene Moore Doctoral Fellowship

1986 Post-graduate Fellowship; Stanford University Cardiovascular Specialist: Heart and Lung Transplantation

1984 Frist Humanitarian Award

1983 Emory University Post-Graduate Fellowship in International Health (Dublin, Ireland)

HRSA Grant Reviewer

Editorial Board: NIH Genetics and Genomics Competency Center

National Academies of Practice

International Society of Nurses in Genetics

Sigma Theta Tau International Nurse Honor Society

CCRN Alumnus


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9 years 9 months

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