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Rene Engelhart
Program Chair
School of Nursing

I began with Samuel Merritt University in 2002, with the Grand Opening of the Sacramento Regional Learning Center. Currently, as Managing Director, I am proud of the progress that is evident with the expansion of space as well as the student body.

University of Portland - BSN

California State University, Sacramento - MSN

Currently a EdD graduate student at Walden University - anticipated completion 2014

Pediatrics Intensive Care Unit is my specialty - with significant support to Pediatrics courses.

Introduction to nursing courses and capstone courses provide the ability to work with students at the beginning and at the end of each program.

Care of Pediatric and Youth Populations, Theory & Clinical
Clinical Skills I & II

Sigma Theta Tau, Society of Pediatric Nursing, Pediatric Health Fairs for Sacramento Elementary Schools


Member for
11 years 6 months

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