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Timothy Dutra
Assistant Professor
Doctor of Podiatric Medicine

Dr. Dutra is Assistant Professor in Applied Biomechanics and Clinical Investigator at the California School of Podiatric Medicine at Samuel Merritt University in Oakland, CA. He serves as a principle investigator in clinical trials in diabetic wound care at Alameda County Medical Center, Highland Hospital, Oakland. Clinical trials in DFU studies include: Abbott, Integra, PriMatrix, Heal-or, Sanuwave, Derma Sciences, Plurogen, MiMedix, and Innocoll.  He was in private practice for over 20 years in San Leandro, CA. Dr. Dutra is a Distinguished Practitioner of the National Academies of Practice/ Podiatric Medicine Academy. He is a podiatric consultant for the intercollegiate athletic teams at the University of California at Berkeley, as well as a past podiatric consultant for the Golden State Warriors Basketball Team.  He was selected to the podiatric medical staff for the Special Olympics World Games in Los Angeles in Summer of 2015 and he was recently appointed as Healthy Athletes Clinical Director for the Special Olympics of Northern California.  Dr. Dutra is a pool physician for Kaiser Hospital.  He is a board member of the Joint Commission of Sports Medicine & Science, the first podiatrist to be elected to the board. He is a past president of the Alameda-Contra Costa Podiatric Medical Association, serving two terms (1995-1997 & 2012-2014), and a past president of the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine (2006-2007). He is a fellow of the following organizations: American College of Sports Medicine, American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine, American College of Foot and Ankle Orthopedics and Medicine, American Professional Wound Care Association, and National Academies of Practice/ Podiatric Medicine Academy.  Dr. Dutra has recently published articles on diabetic foot ulcer clinical trials.  His special interests are in youth sports injuries, wound care, and exercise.   He is a national lecturer in podiatric sports medicine.

Doctor of Podiatric Medicine at the California College of Podiatric Medicine, 1985

Bachelor of Medical Science at the California College of Podiatric Medicine, 1983

Master of Science in Kinesiology at California State University, Hayward, 1980

Special (Adaptive) Physical Education Certificate at California State University, Hayward, 1980

Master of Health Care Administration (Management & Change in Health Care Option) at California State University, East Bay, 2009

Bachelor of Science in Psychobiology at University of California at Davis, 1978

Podiatric residency at Pacific Hospital in Long Beach, 1985-1986

Podiatric sports medicine fellowship through the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine at Memorial Hospital in Long Beach, 1986-1987

Biomechanics/ Sports Medicine


Diabetes & Wound Care


Exercise as Medicine

PM 771 Biomechanics 2: 2-3 lecture/ presentations

PM 772 Biomechanics 3: Course coordinator, 2-3 lecture/presentations

PM 773: Second Year Biomechanics Skills Workshop

PM 756: Second Year Highland Hospital Rotation, attending clinician

PM 760: Third Year Highland Hospital Rotation, attending clinician

PM 796: Third Year Biomechanics & Sports Medicine Rotation: sports medicine workshop

Clinical Research Trials, Highland Hospital

FDA Clinical Investigator Training Course

CITI Certification

Principle Investigator for Clinical Trials:


Integra Life Science

TEI Biosciences Inc.


Derma Sciences






      Clinical Study of Running Injuries in a Sports Medicine Practice, Journal of the AAPSM, Winter 1988

      Orthotics & Pathology Roundtable, Podiatry Management, September 2004

      Inside Insights on Orthotic Modifications for Sports, Podiatry Today, October 2004

      On-Site Assessment of the Injured Athlete, Podiatry Management, January 2005

      Feature Article: Podiatric Medicine and Sports: A Passionate Affair, APMA News, September, 2005

      Podiatric Sports Injuries in Children, Podiatry Management, January 2006

      Key Tips on Athletic Taping of the Foot and Ankle, Podiatry Today, April 2006

      Shoes & Sports Roundtable, Podiatry Management, October 2007

      Heel Pain: Conservative Care in Athletes, Podiatry Today, November 2010

      Contributing author to: Athletic Footwear & Orthotics in Sports Medicine, Springer Publication, 2010

      Keys to Addressing Heel Pain in the Athlete, Podiatry Today, November 2012

      How to Build a Specialty Focused Practice, Podiatry Today, November 2013

      The Use of PriMatrix, a Fetal Bovine Acellular Dermal Matrix, in Healing Chronic Diabetic Foot  Ulcers: A Prospective Multicenter Study,      Advances in Skin & Wound Care, The International Journal for Prevention and Healing, Volume 27, Number 8, August 2014 (co-author)

      How to Prescribe Exercise for Your Patients, Podiatry Management, August 2014

      The FOUNDER Study: A Multi-Center, Randomized, Controlled Clinical Trial to Evaluate the Safety of  Integra Dermal Regeneration Matrix for the       Treatment of Neuropathic Diabetic Foot Ulcers,submitted for publication  (co-author)

      Principles of Athletic Taping for Podiatric Sports Injuries, Podiatry Today, June 2015

      Heel Pain in Runners, Podiatry Today, Nov 2015



Lecture & Workshop Topics at National and Regional Sports Medicine Meetings:
Calf & Achilles Injuries in Sports
Foot & Ankle Injuries in Sports
Forefoot Injuries in Sports
Midfoot Injuries in Sports
Rearfoot & Ankle Injuries in the Athlete
Assessment of the Injured Athlete
Golf, Tennis, and Walking Injuries
Orthotics in Sports
Podiatric Injuries in Youth Sports
Athletic Shoe & Sock Selection
Athletic Taping & Bracing Techniques
Heel Pain & Equinus
Running Injuries
Evidence Based Podiatric Sports Medicine
Childhood Obesity & Exercise
Bracing & Taping for Foot & Ankle Injuries
Diabetic Foot/ Wound Care
How to Develop a Sports Medicine Practice
Common Foot Problems in College/ Student Health Populations
Case Studies in Podiatric Surgery & Medicine/ Sports Medicine
Podiatric Injuries in Endurance Athletes
Gait Analysis/ Biomechanical Exam of Athlete
Offloading in Treatment of Diabetic Foot Ulcers
Exercise is Medicine: Exercise Prescription in Podiatric Medicine
Barefoot vs. Shod Running

Awards/ Honors:

Gary Bianchi, DPM Award by the Alumni & Associates of the California School of Podiatric Medicine for outstanding dedication to CSPM, its students, graduates, and friends, 2014

Dr. Milton Wolfson Memorial Scholar of the Year Award for outstanding contribution to primary care podiatric medicine, 2014

Distinguished Practitioner, National Academy of Practice, Podiatric Medicine Academy, Inducted 2012

American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine Robert Barnes, DPM Distinguished Service Award, 2011

Podiatry Management V.I.P. 2012 Award; America’s Most Influential Podiatrists, Best of 2012

Podiatry Management V.I.P. 2006 Award: America’s Most Influential Podiatrists, Best of 2006

American Podiatric Medical Association Podiatrist’s Recognition Award, Continuing Medical Education

American Podiatric Medical Association Speaker Recognition Award: 2003-2008

Numerous sports medicine presentations and workshops at APMA, AAPSM, ACSM, NATA annual meetings

Podiatric Sports Medicine presentations and workshops at the podiatry colleges for students and local doctors

Posters to APMA Meetings

Health Care Panels for American Medical Students Association: UC Berkeley & California State University, East Bay

Poster Presentations:

      2011 APMA National Meeting, Boston on Three Different Approaches to Diabetic Wound Closure

      2011Western Foot & Ankle Conference, Anaheim, CA on CSPM DFU Clinical Trials

      2012 APMA National Meeting, Washington, DC on CSPM Diabetic Foot Ulcer Clinical Trials

      2012 APMA National Meeting, Washington, DC on Podiatric & FNP Collaborate at the Border

      2013 APMA National Meeting, Las Vegas, NV on Diabetic Foot Ulcer Clinical Trials at CSPM

      2014 SMU Spring Symposium, Five Years at the Border: Podiatry/NP Students Learn the Meaning of  Interprofessionalism

      2014 APMA National Meeting, Honolulu, Hawaii on CSPM Wound Care Clinical Trials: Different Phases

      2015 APMA National Meeting, Orlando, FL on CSPM Medical Mission Experience: Interdisciplinary Community Medicine at the Border

      2015 APMA National Meeting, Orlando, FL on Clinical skills learning styles: gait analysis for 2nd year biomechanical skills


Professional Organizations:
American Podiatric Medical Association
California Podiatric Medical Association
Alameda Contra-Costa Podiatric Medical Association (Past President)
American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine (Past President & Fellow)
American College of Sports Medicine (Fellow)
American College of Foot & Ankle Orthopedics & Medicine (Fellow)
National Academy of Practice (Fellow)
Joint Commission of Sports Medicine & Science, Board of Directors
Community Service:
San Leandro Chamber, Past President & Board of Directors
San Leandro Kiwanis, Past President & Board of Directors
Fairmont Hospital Foundation, Past President & Board of Directors
Eden Medical Center Foundation, Past Board of Directors
Diabetes Self Management Community Advisory Board
Northern California Special Olympics Volunteer Medical Staff for Summer and Winter Games
Castro Valley Sports Foundation, Founding Member
Castro Valley Arts Foundation, Past Board of Directors
Castro Valley Youth Sports Coach for soccer, basketball, baseball, and high school boys and girls tennis.
Castro Valley Little League, Past Board of Directors
Castro Valley Youth Soccer League, Past Board of Directors
Volunteer Medical Staff, Napa Valley Marathon, Oakland Marathon

Volunteer Medical Staff, Special Olympics World Games, Summer 2015,  Los Angeles, CA



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