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Tamera Valenta
Assistant Professor
Bachelor of Science Nursing

I've been teaching at SMU since 2005 and am the course manager for the BSN Health Assessment course. I have recently taken the role of level coordinator for the Junior year of the program and am working to improve communication among faculty and faculty and students.

As the Faculty Counselor for Nu Xi at Large, the local chapter of Sigma Theta Tau, I encourage academic excellence and community service.

I am a student in the DNP program at SMU with a projected graduation date of May 2016.


Health Assessment

Chronic Pain

Transgender issues


N125 Health Assessment (BSN)


N120 Managing Care of the Adult I (ABSN)

N127 Managing Care of the Adult I & II (BSN)

N125L N126L (ABSN) Health Assessment and Collaboration and Teaching in Healthcare

N190L  Synthesis

N671 Advances Health Assessment (FNP)

My Capstone Project for the DNP program is to develop and implement a transgender primary care clinic in Oakland.

My faculty mentor is Dr. Cecily Reeves

My research questions include:

- Does improved access to health care improve quality of life, decrease HIV, facilitate a smoother gender transition and improve mental health for transgender persons?

- Can a faculty practice improve the ability of students to provide culturally appropriate care for transgender persons?

5/2014: Alta Bates/Summit HIV Summit 2014: Facilitated a Transgender Workshop for primary care givers

8/2014: Tricare Clinic (Fremont): Presentation "Silicone Injections: Risks and Alternatives in the Transgender Community" & "Hormone Injection Practice and Safety"

Sigma Theta Tau: Nu Xi Chapter at Large: Faculty Liason


Member for
11 years 6 months

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