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Valerie Landau
Associate Director of Center for Innovation and Learning Excellence
Academic Affairs

Valerie Landau is experienced in designing effective solutions for improving education. She collaborates with faculty and staff to develop innovative methods and tools that facilitate a cultural shift in which improving teaching and learning. 



  • Harvard University Graduate School of Education
    Human Development & Psychology, emphasis in Technology Innovation and Education, Certificate of Advanced Study, 1995
  • San Francisco State University, Department of Educational Technology, Master of Arts in Education, 1992
  • University of California, Santa Cruz, Bachelor of Arts, History


Instructional Design

Educational Innovations

Taught courses on the works of Douglas Engelbart 2005-2008 at Calfifronia State University, Monterey Bay. Formed an international educational networked improvement community focusing on  how to augment collective intellegence

Instructional Design

Educational Game Design

Multimedia Design


Bamford, P. & Landau V. (2017, June). How to Grow Assessment and Lead Change from the Ground Up. Paper published in the Conference Proceedings of the Association of Assessment of Learning in Higher Education, Louieville, Kentuky.

Landau, V. & Grobani, D. Indicators Pointing to Disruptive Innovation in Higher Education, Interactive Info-graphic Selected for publication as Best Higher Education Infographics on website  http://elearninginfographics.com/ .

Landau, V,  & Broz, C. (2017, April)  Facilitating Critical Conversations and Faculty Engagement with Enhanced https://webmail.samuelmerritt.edu/owa/#Curricular Maps, Poster presetned at the WASCARC Conference, San Diego, CA.

Haugen, N., Early, M., Landau, V., & Strong, S. Does Teaching About Diversity, Health Disparities and Social Justice Result in Learning: A Content Analysis of Student Work. Poster at the National Conference on Race and Ethnicity. Washington, DC. May 2015

Landau, V., Haugen, N., Early, M., & Strong, S. Student Learning on Diversity, Health Disparities, Social Justice in an ABSN Program. Poster session at Equity and Access: Nursing Research, Practice, and Education. Western Institute for Nursing. Albuquerque, NM. April 2015

Bamford, P., Landau, V., Assessing Educational Effectiveness Using Shape, Color and Sound. Poster presented at Educause Learning Initiative Annual Meeting. New Orleans, Louisiana and Online. February 2014

Haugen, N., Early, M. & Landau, V. Aligning Student and Institutional Learning Outcomes?  There’s an App for That!  Poster presented at 2014 Annual Communicating Nursing Research Conference, Western Institute of Nursing. Seattle, Washington. March 2014

Bamford, P., Landau, Bangert, S., Rockin´ the Paradigm: A Case Study in Creating a Culture of Assessment. Podium Presentation at WASC Academic Resource Conference. Los Angeles, California. April 2014

Haugen, N., Early, M. & Landau, V. Aligning QSEN Competencies with Student Learning Outcomes and Student Work?  There’s an App for That!  Poster presentation at the 2014 Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) National Forum. Baltimore, Maryland. May 2014. Awarded Best Academic Poster Article:   SMU Faculty Awarded Best Research Poster

Landau, V. Using Color, Shape, Sound and Gamification to Enhance Analysis of Learning Analytics. Podium Presentation at the New Media Consortium Conference. Portland, Oregon. June 2014. News  article SMU DIRECTOR OF ASSESSMENT PRESENTS AT NEW MEDIA CONFERENCE

Landau, V. Un Metodo Para Mejorar La Evaluación de Eficiencia Educacional en la Ciencias de la Medicas. A Better Way to Evaluate Educational Efficiencies of Medics in Science. Paper presented at II Conferencia de Educación Médica para el siglo XXI. Havana, Cuba. October 2014

Haugen, N., Landau, V., Early, M. Visualize Curricular Quality: An Innovative Curriculum Mapping Application. Poster Presentation at AACN's Baccalaureate Education Conference. Baltimore, MD. November 2014

Landau, V. & Bamford, P. Neurons That Fire Together Wire Together: assessing educational effectiveness using data visualization, qualitative evidence and sonification. Podium Presentation at WASC ARC, San Diego, April 2013.

Brennan, P. & Landau, V. Visualizing the Curriculum Mapping Process of Genetic and Genomics Content to Impact Learning Outcomes in Healthcare Education. Podium presentation at the International Society of Nurses in Genetics 25th Anniversary Conference and Silver Anniversary Celebration. Bethesda. September 2013.

Yensen, J., Landau, V. Meet and Beat Accreditation Standards with Curriculum Mapping. Podium Presentation at the 20th Annual Sloan Consortium International Conference on Online Learning. Orlando, Florida. November 2013.

 Landau, V. & Bamford, P. How Curriculum Mapping Visualization is Transforming Assessment at Samuel Merritt University Podium Presentation at WASC Academic Resource Conference, April 2012.

Landau, V., Stephenson, R., Schaffer, E. One-handed Typing Glove, Maker’s Faire, San Mateo County Fair Grounds, 2008, 2009

Landau, V., Augmenting the Collective IQ, Online Deliberation Conference 2005, Stanford University, May 2005

Landau, V., Clegg E., Implementing the Engelbart Hypothesis: Discussing the notion of augmenting human intellect, BCNET's Advanced Networks Conference: The Power of High Performance Computing, April 2005

Landau, V., Clegg E., Implementing the Engelbart Hypothesis: Discussing the notion of augmenting human intellect, International Conference on Technology, Knowledge and Society, 2005 University of California, Berkeley, February 2005

A Case Study of an Educational Networked Improvement Community, Presentation August, 2004 at the 15th ACM Conference on Hypertext and HyperMedia. Valerie Landau, Jamie Dinkelacker, and Mary Cooksey. Published in the conference proceeding

She is the author of two books:

Developing an Effective Online Course, McGraw-Hill, 2002

The Engelbart Hypothesis: Dialogs with Douglas Engelbart, co-authored with Eileen Clegg, and Douglas C. Engelbart

Here work was featured in the Smithsonian Magazine:

  "How Douglas Engelbart Invented the Future"  Smithsonian Magazine, January 2018.

  • Landau, V. Education Ecosystems,, moderator and Education Track Chair, Thrive to Connect Summit, Skyline College, March 2017.
  • Landau, V. Data Visualization,, invited presentation The Future of Text Symposium, Google, Mountain View, August, 2016
  • Landau, V. Ideas that Work to Improve Thinking, invited presentation The Future of Text Symposium, Moore Foundation, Palo Alto, December 9, 2015
  • Landau, V. Curriculum Mapping: using visualization and sonification to analyze alignment between course, program and institutional learning outcomes. Invited Presentation via webinar  for 109 members of The Association for the Assessment of Learning in Higher Education (AALHE), November 2, 2015
  • Landau, V. Health Care in Cuba: an overview Invited Presentation at People-Centered Internet Symposium, Stanford University, Palo Alto, October, 2105.
  • Landau, V. Curriculum Mapping Initiative, Presentation: Assessment Leadership Academy Alumni Colloquium, Invited Presentation,, WASC Senior College and University Commission Academic Resource Conference Oakland, April 2015
  • Landau, V. Assessing Outcomes. Invited Presentation at Solano County Public Health. Fairfield, California. February 2014
  • Landau, V. Transforming Health Education, Franchise for Humanity. Podium presentation for Global Innovation Summit. Stanford University. Palo Alto, California. February 2014
  • Bamford, P., Landau, V. Rockin´ the Paradigm: A Case Study in Creating a Culture of Assessment. Podium Presentation at WASC Academic Resource Conference. Los Angeles, California. April 2014
  • Landau, V. A Case Study in Creating a Culture of Assessment Invited Presentation at the Student Learning Outcomes Symposium, West Los Angeles College, California. May 2014
  • Landau, V. QSEN Webinar Series Part I: Neurons That Fire Together, Wire Together. Invited Presentation via Webinar presented online for the American Association of Colleges of Nursing. November 2013
  • Bamford, P., Landau, V. Television Interview on Health Care Education. Interviewed by Mei Lin Fung on Just Picture It. Palo Alto TV. Palo Alto, California. November 2013
  • Landau, V. Facilitating a Culture of Assessment: Aligning Goals, Outcomes, and Evidence. Invited Presentation for Program for the Future, Google. Mountain View, California. December 2013


She also leads high-level research delegations to Cuba, where she attended high school.

Founding member of The People-Centered Internet.

Member of NextNow.




Member for
8 years 10 months

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