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Zarir Marawala
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Basic Sciences

I am a teacher or human physiology and anatomy. I have been in practice as a podiatrist for 14 years, currently retired, and enjoying full-time teaching. I have served as a forensic medical science expert in med-legal cases, and have written a few books and developed some bodies of interactive software to augment my students' learning practices.
I teach full-time at Chabot and part-time at SMU for over 5 years. I don't have an office at SMU but I am in the Basic Sciences Department, headed by Dr. Fred Feuchter, chair.

Cardiovascular dymnamics.
Pedagogy and its impact on student learning.
Impact of philosophy, politics and religion on Science and vice versa.

Human Anatomy with lab (BSCI 015-016)
Human Physiology with lab (BSCI 025-026)

Biochemistry I and II (Podiatric Medicine)
Pathology I and II (Podiatric Medicine)
Pharmacology I and II (Podiatric Medicine)
Pathophysiology Nurs 419, PA 602-604

Specific Uraemic Cardiomyopathy, 1981, SFSU MA Thesis presentation.
Measurement of congenital pulmonic valvar stenosis using diagnostic imaging and hemodynamic methods (with Carlsson, et al) 1977
Assessment of talipes equinovarus 1984
History of microspheres--medical applications 1977
Lab compendium of Human Anatomy and Physiology 1995, 1997, 2004, 2013
Lab compendium of Human Anatomy 1997
Lab compendium of Human Physiology 1997
Physiology A through Z 1998
Interactive Human Anatomy and Physiology 1997, 2004
Interactive Human Anatomy with a prelude to Human Physiology: 1998, 2000
Interactive Human Physiology: 1998
Interactive Human Pathophysiology: 1999
Interactive Pharmacology: 2000
Interactive Biochemistry: 2000
Human Physiology Text: a compendium of basic and clinical principles 2012

Pedagogical Institutional Lab. grant from NSF awarded in 1996 for work at Chabot College (with Dr. Braganza) for introducing computers to the classroom for key cyberlabs in both physiology and anatomy and also for general upgrade of pedagogy in the classroom.

Past SF PAL volunteer--pistol coach
Past American Red Cross volunteer teacher
Past American Heart Association volunteer teacher
Past Kiwanis member
AGK (podiatric medicine) life member
Technology Committee at Chabot College, Chair
Committee On Online Learning at Chabot College, active member



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11 years 9 months

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