Monthly Tuition Payment Plan Information

  • Samuel Merritt’s payment plan option gives students the opportunity to pay in monthly installments by evenly splitting up their balance for the duration of the semester. If the length of the semester is four months, then the payment plan can be setup for a maximum of 4 months; the last payment must be paid by the last day of the semester.

  • Payment plans are setup for students who are paying out of pocket and/or for students who do not have enough Financial Aid to cover their balance.

  • Certified Financial Aid is deducted from your balance when your payment plan is setup. Non-certified Financial Aid at time of payment plan setup is not automatically deducted from your payment plan balance.

  • Payment plans are setup up each semester. A new payment plan must be setup each semester as payment plan do not carry forward. To have a payment plan setup, the student must submit a Payment Plan Proposal Form to

  • Once the payment plan is setup, the student will receive a Promissory Note by email and mail, containing the payment schedule and amount.

  • Late fee of $25 if payment is received more than 5 days past the due date.

  • Balance may be paid in full early without penalty.

  • Payment plan can be paid by Cash, Check, Visa and/or MasterCard, or by going online to SMURF.

  • Auto-pay option is available. Auto pay is where SMU charges credit card on based on the Payment plan schedule.

  • Monthly billing statements are not mailed to payment plan participants. The student is responsible for making sure payments are paid on-time, unless student is signed up for the auto-pay option.

  • SMURF is available 24/7 to check your total balance.


Benefits of having a Payment Plan setup:

  • No Setup fees or Interest fees.

  • Payment plans avoid the 1% monthly late fee charged for unpaid balances.

  • If payments are current, payment plan allows student to register for next semester without balance being paid in full.

Contact Student Accounts at 510-879-9236 or email:, if you have questions or to set up a payment plan.


Non-Payment of Payment Plans:

If two (2) consecutive monthly payments are missed, SMU reserves the right to cancel the payment plan and place the student on a Business Office non-payment hold. Any payments made on the payment plan, before or after termination, will be applied to the students’ account. Any overpayments made will be refunded according to the University refund process. Once a payment plan has been canceled due to delinquent payment(s), all remaining balance is due immediately. Payment plans terminated due to delinquent status may not be reinstated for subsequent semester(s).


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