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Consultation Services

Consult with a simulation expert

  • Developing a new simulation activity for your course
  • Improving your debriefing techniques
  • Discovering what is possible with immersive learning

Consult with an instructional designer

Consult with an SMU librarian

Consult with a research methodologist (contact Kay Davis or Mary McCall)

  • Get help with tools that support research:
    • Qualtrics and other tools for administering surveys
    • Tools for quantitative data analysis
    • Tools for qualitative data analysis
    • Database construction and management
    • Bibliographic software

Consult with an expert about integrating diversity and inclusion into your curriculum

  • Create a more inclusive and just campus environment to further the SMU mission of addressing health disparities

Consult with an expert from the Motion Analysis Research Center


Tools & Resources

Interprofessional Education

General Technology Help


Articles & Videos (coming soon)

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