The Diversity Assembly

The Diversity Assembly is an open forum for SMU’s students, staff and faculty to voice ideas, engage in critical dialogues, and make recommendations to the University’s Diversity Action Council (UDAC).

The purpose of the Diversity Assembly (DA) is to engage the larger SMU community in realizing the University’s vision as expressed in the Principles of Community and the Diversity Plan (2012-2015). Accordingly, in partnership with UDAC, the DA is an open membership forum where all faculty, staff and students engage in critical diversity-related dialogues that advance the University’s commitment to “institutionalize a culture that is diverse, equitable, and inclusive.” The dialogues will contribute to a culture of inclusion and innovation by learning to leverage difference and explore intersections of perspectives and cultures through high quality interactions. As a result, the Diversity Assembly will make recommendations to UDAC regarding policy, procedures, and practices.

The DA is co-chaired by two staff members, Lily Marquez and Alejandro Rodriguez, appointed by UDAC for a term of two years.