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On the Cusp provides members of the SMU community an online space for personal essays specific to social justice, diversity, and inclusion.  An inclusive environment is one that remains in an apex as there is no end point. Content will encourage readers to reflect on what it takes to build a Beloved Community.  The Office of Diversity and Inclusion defines Beloved Community as an inclusive, interconnected consciousness based on love, justice, compassion, responsibility, shared power, and a deep and abiding respect for all people, places, and things that radically transforms individuals and restructures institutions.


Published| March 2, 2018 

"Tears descended my cheeks and the air stalled on its way out of my nostrils. My eyes scanned the paper shaking in my hands while massive amounts of disbelief surmounted the elation I should have been feeling.  I was officially becoming the associate director of diversity. It was a position I longed for, but a question echoed through my mind..." read more

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