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Scholars in Service Program

Membership in the Scholars in Service Program is open to students of color in all academic programs who wish to serve as leaders on campus and in the community and who commit to serving the community in some way.
The Need for Health Care Professionals of Color
Samuel Merritt University has an outstanding reputation among Bay Area universities and universities offering health science programs. We are known for our academic and clinical excellence and for our high pass rate on national licensure exams. The trend toward community-based health care has intensified the need for skilled, compassionate health care professionals who are culturally sensitive to urban populations like Oakland.


Students in the program are highly motivated and benefit from the programs we have in place to provide leadership development and empowement. Programs to support students include:

  • Leadership Development
  • Professional Mentorship
  • Financial Aid Counseling
  • Learning Support Services
  • Academic Enrichment Workshops
  • Personal Counseling

We have recently begun a partnership with Mentoring in Medicine and Science ( to provide various  workshops for Scholars in Service participants in the several of the following areas.

  • Financial Information Post Graduation
  • Life Coaching
  • Interview Skills
  • Networking
  • New Graduate Preparation
  • Current Health Care Provider Panel

SISP Leadership Team
Pamela Carrasco
Dr. Craig Elliott (co-chair)
Tari Witherspoon
Elaine Lemay
Margrette Peterson
Michelle Hampton
Shirley Strong (co-chair)

Interested in the Scholars in Service Program? Contact the Office of Diversity and Inclusion.