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The following is a list of websites regarding disability and health care education aand careers:

  • Association of Medical Professionals With Hearing Losses. The Association of Medical Professionals With Hearing Losses provides information, promotes advocacy and mentorship, and creates a network for individuals with hearing loss interested in or working in health care fields.
  • Center for Disability Issues in the Health Professions. The center ewas established by Western University in response to the concerns of the disabled community, which is emerging as one of the nation's fastest growing and least understood minority groups.
  • The Coordinated Campaign for Learning Disabilities (CCLD). This campaign is made up of a coalition of leading organizations in the field of learning disabilities dedicated to improving public awareness about learning disabilities. LD OnLine has many wonderful features. The recently introduced "Ask the Expert" provides the opportunity to have your questions answered by experts on various topics. The site also contains bulletin boards, a "First Person" account, a calendar of meetings, a bookstore and other features.
  • Exceptional Nurse. ExceptionalNurse.com is a resource network committed to inclusion of more people with disabilities in the nursing profession.
  • Learning Ally. A non-profit dedicated to empowering dyslexic, blind, or visually impaired students to succeed through audio books and other resources.
  • The Learning Disabilities Association of America. Packed with articles, resources, position papers, and a calendar of events.
  • The National Center for Learning Disabilities. The site lists college resources as well as current and accurate information about learning disabilities. there are a number of articles on different topics available on this site.
  • National Organization of Nurses With Disabilities. This group is an open membership, cross-disability, public education, and advocacy organization that works to promote the full inclusion and acceptance of people with disabilities and chronic health conditions into nursing careers.
  • Society of Healthcare Professionals With Disabilities. The mission of the Society is to foster a supportive community and to provide resources and tools for disabled healthcare professionals and students, their family members, and their friends.

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