Sending Notification Letters

You must notify your instructors that you have testing or classroom accommodations when you are first approved and then again at the start of each new course. (If they don't know about your accommodations, they can't implement them!)

Here's how:

1.Login to DRC Hub and on your dashboard (home page) scroll down to list of classes under “Step 1: Select Class(es)”
2.Choose the classes that you want to notify instructors about your accommodations, then click “Step 2”
•For non-lecture courses, the system may ask if you are sure you need accommodations there:
•Lab courses: if yes, re-check those boxes to confirm.
•Clinical courses: do not use DRC Hub to send your letter—work with DRC to determine the best way to implement clinical accommodations.
3.Choose which of your approved accommodations you want for each class, then click “Submit”
•Select just the accommodations that the instructor needs to know about in order to implement.


A short video demonstrating the process (four minute video)


Here are some important things to keep in mind:

‣After you hit Submit:
‣If the course is NOT yet in session, your letter will be automatically held and then sent during the week prior to course start.
‣If the course is already in session or it is the week just prior to the first day of class, the system will immediately send your faculty notification.
‣You can log in anytime to see when your notifications were sent.
‣You must send this again at the start of EVERY new course:
‣Faculty can’t provide accommodations if they don’t know you are entitled to them!
‣There may not be time to implement your accommodations if you send this notification late.
‣The DRC Hub allows you to modify the accommodations notification to faculty, but be aware:
‣The system won’t allow a second letter to be sent without approval from the DRC, so you must email DRC to request it.
‣Receiving two letters may confuse your instructor, so you should follow up with an email to them, to clarify why the second, new letter was sent.
‣You can only add accommodations approved for you by DRC—if you want to have different accommodations approved, you must meet with DRC and perhaps provide additional medical documentation.
‣The Hub pulls registration data overnight. Courses you join today may not be visible in your DRC Hub until tomorrow. If so, you will have to wait until tomorrow to send your letter.

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