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In the past few years Samuel Merritt University has enriched its efforts to become a 21st century learning and research environment where faculty, staff and students have an opportunity to truly realize educational and research goals, and to discover their passions in the community -- all designed to improve quality of life and healthcare.

An accomplishment that has shaped the University’s growth is the newly renovated and expanded John A. Graziano Memorial Library.  “This is an outstanding facility of which we can all be very proud,” said President Sharon Diaz.  “It will serve the needs and ambitions of our University, City and region for many decades to come.” 

SMU students constantly impact the campus and the greater communities through outreach and service.  That is exactly what students from the Sacramento Regional Learning Center did during their holiday weekend earlier this month for the underrepresented Slovak population.  

"Watching the students learn how to be good nurses as they apply all the principles they have been taught is a highlight in my [teaching] life," said Terry Deane Dauwalder, RN, Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP), SMU assistant professor School of Nursing.

Part of the fabric of who we are, as a premiere health sciences institution, is the collaboration with other schools and organizations in promoting the healthcare needs, especially for people who are sometimes disenfranchised or forgotten.  One example of this alliance is when UCSF and SMU teamed up to spotlight healthcare needs of military families and veterans. 

"At this conference I met people in the field of medicine both military and civilian that truly were interested in the quality of life for all our veterans," said Dennis McReynolds, MA, RAS, adjunct professor. 

These are just some of the stories you will find in this issue of eNEWS that showcase how faculty, students, and staff efforts in promoting quality of diversity, education, and community.   As always you can help shape the next issue by sending your ideas or suggestions to the eNEWS editor, anytime!  We are especially interested in learning of stories about faculty research, student learning, community involvement and accomplishments to share with the SMU community.


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