Let's create a culture of wellness at SMU that includes workshops and resources for faculty and staff to help:

  • Integrate self-care into our lives
  • Teach our students about self-care for themselves and their future patients

Wellness and self-care have many facets. We’ve chosen these pillars to organize our work together. We invite you to share your expertise in these areas with the CIEL community.

Nourishment: healthy and mindful eating

Movement: dance, yoga, walking, using a standing desk

Habits of mind and heart: mindfulness, meditation, cultivating an open mind and heart, examining attitudes and beliefs

Connection: connections with community

Lifestyle: sleep, healthy habits

Here’s an easy place to start: Hold a walking meeting with a student or colleague, or walk the 700 healthy steps from Peralta Pavilion to CIEL’s Oakland location.

Wellness Activities at CIEL

  • Participate in upcoming CIEL Wellness Workshops for Faculty & Staff
  • Add wellness to your curriculum and integrate it into your teaching
  • Collaborate with us to create regular self-care activities at CIEL: walks, group meditations, and other activities you have to offer to the community.

Questions? Contact Christine Broz or Liz Kleine.

Wellness resources