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Check Teaching Consultations on the main CIEL page and the CIEL Wellness and Diversity & Inclusion pages for workshops and resources for those topics. Click here for CIEL's At a Glance events calendar.

In case you are unable to attend in person, we plan to make recordings and videos of past workshops available to the community.

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In 2014, SMU embarked on a university-wide rollout of TeamSTEPPS for the purpose of improving team communication, collaboration and performance. In 2019, SMU added tools from Sutter Safe Care (SSC) into the program so it can be used by benefitted SMU employees to meet their mandatory SSC training requirement. To request more information about TeamSTEPPS/Sutter Safe Care training at Samuel Merritt or to schedule a training, contact Amy Anderson. (TeamSTEPPS training for students is coordinated by the program Chair or Director.)

For additional information about TeamSTEPPS, please visit the US Agency for Healthcare Quality and Research website.

Faculty Orientation

  • SMU's self-paced online Faculty Orientation modules are located here


  • Interested in scheduling a Qualtrics consultation? Contact Dr. Kay Davis, Research Methodologist.
  • Click here for Qualtrics resources.

The HSSC is an American Heart Association (AHA) Training Center.  We offer the following certifications for SMU faculty and staff:

  • Basic Life Support (BLS)
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)
  • Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS)

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  • Foundations 1: Orientation to the HSSC and simulation-based learning for Samuel Merritt faculty, staff, and students. This course is available on the HSSC Canvas site.
  • Foundations 2: Developing simulation expertise, including developing scenarios for your course and debriefing simulation participants. Courses are offered through CIEL each semester.
    • Simulation Debriefing Workshop: monthly, for faculty using simulation in courses. Workshops are offered regularly.  You can also schedule a workshop for your faculty meetings. Please coordinate with Jeanette Wong.
    • Nursing Faculty of Tomorrow simulation component, for NFT fellows. Contact the School of Nursing NFT Coordinator for more information.
  • Foundations 3: Simulation Education Apprenticeship and Simulation Technology Apprenticeship: These hybrid courses are offered on an on-going basis. The Apprenticeships are designed for aspiring or existing simulation educator or sim technology specialists who want more development in a specific area.  The apprenticeship is designed to be competency based and completed within 6-months of starting the apprenticeship.

Check out A&II workshops and reserve your spot.

  • Structural Competency Workshops

For workshops on new software programs, check the Employee Learning Network
(note: the Employee Learning Network may be accessed while on the SMU network or via VPN when outside the SMU network)