Kate Shade, PhD, RN

Kate Shade
Kate Shade, PhD, RN


Assistant Professor
School of Nursing
Samuel Merritt University

Research Biography
Kate Shade has conducted qualitative research, investigating the development of a father role and identity among youth involved in the juvenile justice system. She has also used mixed methods to conduct several program evaluations for youth involved in the justice system, working with Dr. Michelle Hampton and Damir Ceric. These studies have examined the effectiveness of stacked cognitive-behavioral interventions on youth recidivism, primarily using survival analyses to compare time to re-arrest among treatment and control groups. She is currently involved in a project to compare the costs and benefits of two family therapy programs, Functional Family Therapy (FFT) and Multisystemic Therapy (MST) delivered to youth returning to the community after out-of-home placement. Drs. Hampton and Shade have completed a systematic review of research about the needs of commercially sexually exploited youth (CSEY) and are completing a qualitative study which explores the experiences of CSEY providers.

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2015-2019 Shade, K. (P.I., program evaluator) & Hampton, M. (Co-investigator/evaluator). “TOSO: Transitioning Out to Stay Out.” Mentally Ill Offender Crime Reduction Grant. $950,000 awarded to Contra Costa County.

2014-2016 Shade, K. (P.I.) & Hampton, M. (Co-investigator). “The effectiveness of cognitive-behavioral programs for male and female youth in detention: Aggression Replacement Training and Thinking for a Change.” Faculty Scholarship Grant Program. Samuel Merritt University. $46,841.

2014-2016 Shade, K. (P.I.) & Hampton, M. (Co-investigator). “Improving fidelity of ‘Thinking for a Change’: A cognitive-behavioral program for juvenile offenders.” Faculty Organization Research Grant, Samuel Merritt University. $5,000.

2013-2015 Shade, K. (P.I., program evaluator). “Improving the fidelity of ‘Thinking for a Change’: A cognitive-behavioral intervention for youthful offenders. Contra Costa County Probation Evidence-Based Practices to Improve Public Safety (EBP-TIPS). $26,010 awarded to Contra Costa County.

2012-2013 Shade, K. (P.I.). “Recidivism among youthful offenders: A pilot study,” Faculty Organization Research Grant, Samuel Merritt University, $2500.00 and Sigma Theta Tau, Nu Xi, $1,000.

2008-2012 Shade, K. & Kools, S.. Doctoral dissertation: “Father identity development among youth involved in the juvenile justice system,” International Association of Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurses, $1,000.

2005-2006 Raingruber, B. (P.I.). “RN Residencies: Transitioning to Nursing Specialties.” Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) D64 HP03099-01. Design and implementation of an on-line educational module for new and novice nurses titled “Treatment of substance abuse in the medical setting,” $5,600.

2002-2004 Shade, K & Raingruber, B. Master’s Thesis: “Siblings at risk of adolescent paternity,” Sigma Theta Tau, Zeta Eta Chapter Research Grant, $500.

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