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  • NOTICE: Please direct all inquiries regarding Students' Accounts, Financial Aid, Admissions, Registrar, contact Campus Service Center at (510) 869-1550
  • Auditing and Reporting, contact Loida Stewart
  • Capital budgets, contact Corine Harris
  • Employee reimbursements, contact Corine Harris
  • General Fund accounting, contact Shun Wu
  • General Ledger accounting, contact Markcus Thomas
  • Grant Accounting, contact Jill Emerson
  • General Fund accounting, contact Cecilia Garcia
  • Restricted funds: Endowment Funds, contact Shun Wu
  • Restricted funds: Special Purpose Funds, contact Jennifer ("Jen") Nguyen

Jill Emerson
Finance Director
3300 Webster Street, Suite 322
Oakland, CA 94609

Corine Harris
Accounting Manager

Markcus Thomas
General Ledger Accountant; Direct Loan Processing Technician
510-869-6511 Ext. 5763

Shun Y. Wu
General Accountant; Endowment Accountant
510-869-6511 Ext. 5471

Loida G Stewart
Auditing and Reporting
510-869-6511 Ext. 2853

Jennifer ("Jen") Nguyen
Specific Fund Accountant; FWS Payroll Technician
510-869-6511 Ext. 4053

Maria ("Cecilia") Cecilia Garcia
General Fund Accountant
510-869-6511 Ext. 3872


Mailing Address:
3300 Webster Street, Suite 322
Oakland, CA 94609

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM or by appointment

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