Financial Aid Forms



The Financial Aid Office may require certain forms to confirm your Federal Financial Aid eligibility. Click on the form you must submit below, print and complete the form, then submit the form to the Financial Aid Office. Please submit any forms requested ASAP.


To ensure your financial aid is processed in a timely manner, please submit all requested items to the Samuel Merritt University's Financial Aid Office at your earliest convenience. Completed documents can be submitted directly to the Financial Aid Office or can be mailed to the following address:


Financial Aid Office

3100 Telegraph Avenue, Suite 1110

Oakland, CA 94609



Verification Forms

Independent Verification Worksheet

Dependent Verification Worksheet

Non-Tax Filer

Identity Statement - In Person

Identity Statement - Notary

Child Support Paid

High School Completion

SNAP Verification




ABSN - Fall 15 and Spring 16

ABSN - Spring 16 and Summer 16

ABSN - Summer 15 only

ABSN - Fall 15 only

GRADUATE - Fall 15 only

GRADUATE - Fall 15 and Spring 16

GRADUATE - Spring 16 and Summer 16

GRADUATE - Summer 16

GRADUATE - Fall 15, Spring 16 and Summer 16


Parent Plus Loan Authorization Form

Parent Plus Loan Request Worksheet

 General Forms

Student Authorization

Consent to Release

New Student BSN Institutuional Scholarship

Federal Work Study Forms

15-16 New Hire Form Link

15-16 Online New Hire Form Procedure

15-16 Federal Work Study Guide

Return Forms

Return or Reduction Form