Microsoft Office Outlook 2007

Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 provides you with comprehensive time and information manager. Using new features such as Instant Search and the To-Do Bar, you can organize and instantly locate the information that you need.

Manage time and information

To help you better manage your time and information, Office Outlook 2007 offers a number of new and improved features, from Instant Search to integration of tasks on the calendar. These features make it easier for you to locate, manage, prioritize, and act on the volumes of information that you encounter every day.

Quickly find the information you need:

  • Instant Search
  • Color Categories
  • Results-oriented user interface
  • Attachment Previewing
  • Minimized Navigation Pane
  • Week view changed in Calendar
  • Default detail level

Easily manage your daily priorities

  • To-Do Bar
  • Flagging mail for follow-up
  • Task integration on the Calendar
  • Improved scheduling capabilities

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