Open Networks at SMU

Do you know what an "open" network is? Some of SMU's networks are open to the world - meaning any computer on the Internet can initiate contact with many of the computers on our networks.

This makes our networked SMU computers VERY attractive to malicious people on the Internet and increases the risk to Samuel Merritt University.

Most universities keep their networks open to easily address the plethora of access requests posed by a diverse computing community. At SMU, the Network Services Team is confident that we can balance availability, privacy, and security needs to provide you with access to the resources you require. Late in 2009 we plan to implement a Cisco NAC (Network Access Control) solution which will change the way users authenticate to the network. This change will help make SMU computers a much less attractive target for hackers and virus writers to protect our data and resources. Implementing the NAC solution will allow us to modify the default deny policy which is currently on our entire network. What does default deny mean? On a default deny network, our network will reject connections initiated from the Internet to your computer, but will still allow you to browse the Web, transfer files, and access your e-mail, for example.    

What does this mean to you?   The users experience would be faster, more reliable and much more secure.

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