What's new in Webmail

You may have noticed a difference in the appearance of your webmail interface upon logging in.  This is because your mailbox has been migrated to an Exchange 2007 mailbox server.  Exchange 2007 offers numerous improvements on the front and back end, as well as a number of new features. Most of these are of primary interest to corporate network users, although students will benefit as well. 

In the interest of keeping this document brief, the Network Services team has listed the differences of most importance to the Student community:

  • Determine the size of your Mailbox through Webmail (Internet Explorer Only) - A user can now easily tell how much of their quota they are using by simply moving the mouse pointer over their mailbox root folder.  This is of particular interest to users receiving a quota message from the system.

  • Simplified Change Password User Interface - This interface, located in options is simpler to use and works more reliably.  A user is not required to know the correct domain name and username format to enter into the form.  Simply enter the current password, type and confirm the new one and click the Save icon:

  • Improved In-Line Search Feature (Full Feature set in Internet Explorer, Basic Features in other Browsers) - The search feature is simplified and improved.  Users can quickly locate email messages containing a keyword.  Users of the 2003 form may remember the clumsy search form that covered the screen.  Example below shows quick search for all messages containing the word ‘Symantec'.  Click the red X to return the view to normal   or click the serif icon  for advanced search options:

  • Categories - Outlook Web Access now supports categories for email messages.  Users can create custom categories for related email messages making it much easier to sort messages

  • Recipient History - Outlook Web Access now keeps history of your most recent recipients, i.e. who you have most recently emailed.  When you compose a new message and begin typing, Outlook will complete the email address for you based on what you type and whom you have most recently sent to.  This can be a time saver since you will not need to type full email addresses if you have sent to this person before.  Simply hit tab to complete the address.  Outlook web access light (Firefox, Safari, etc) offers a more limited yet still useful implementation of this feature in the form of a history list sidebar available when composing messages.
  • Direct Push - Direct push technology enhances the speed at which an individual user receives an email message or calendar appointment with PDA or smart phone using Microsoft Active Sync.  Active Sync enabled mobile devices receive new or updated email, calendar events, and contacts as soon as they appear on the server.

*End of Support - Creation of rules using web clients other than Internet Explorer.  Outlook Web Access 2003 supported the creation of rules, i.e. forwarding to an external mailbox.  In order to create mailbox rules through webmail, you must now connect using Internet Explorer.

For those interested in an in depth coverage of the features and improvements in Outlook Web Access 2007 we have provided a link to the Microsoft website: http://www.microsoft.com/EXCHANGE/CODE/OWA/INDEX.HTML


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