Configuring Microsoft Entourage for SMU email

When you start Entourage, the Setup Assistant will guide you through the configuration.

Setup Assistant

  1. Welcome to Entourage - Do you want to import
    (choose 'Start Using Entourage without importing anything') - click the arrow to advance to the next screen
  2. Enter your SMU email address ,  Click the right arrow to continue
  3. Enter your account information , Click Ok
  4. Entourage should successfully connect to the exchange server and configure
  5. Verify and Complete settings - Change the exchange server to and check the box 'Use SSL for these servers'
  6. Click on 'Verify my settings'.  You should get 'Verification Succeeded
  7. Here you can type a name for the account or leave as listed.     Click Finish
  8. Click 'Make Default' to make Entourage your default email client
  9. Entourage should now open with your SMU mailbox at the top of the list.
  10. If you receive the following message, click Ok   (this message may appear more than once)
  11. You should now see your mailbox synchronizing  (lower right corner)
  12. Once synchronization has finished, click on the right arrow beside your mailbox to view your mail
  13. You can customize the shortcut bar by clicking and dragging items from the mailbox menu to the shortcut bar.  To remove items, click and drag the item off the menu and let go of the mouse button.