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Connecting to Network Printers (Windows)

Connecting to Network Printers

The new multifunction printers on the Oakland campus are accessible over then network from personal computers located in faculty and staff offices. To add the network printer to your list of printers for use while in the office, please follow these steps.

Adding a Printer:

  1. Go to
  2. Log in to the website
  3. From the directory listing, locate the printer to which you will connect, then click 'Install' in the ACTION column.
  4. When Prompted, select 'RUN'

The printer will be added to your profile and will be accessible from your PC while working in the office.


After you have added the printer, when you print from any application, you will have the option to select the network printer. Network printers are associated with SMU's print server, so you selection would look something like this:

Setting a Default Printer:

Your default printer is your primary printing device. If no other printer is selected print jobs will be sent to the default printer automatically. To set a network printer as your default printer:

  2. Locate your network printer. The name will be the printer name followed by 'on oaksrvinf00'.
  3. Right Click, then select 'Set as Default Printer'. Once this is done a black circle with a checkmark will appear next to the printer name.

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