Entourage Email and Calendar Sync

Entourage - doesn't seem to be syncing correctly
You seem to be sending emails okay but nothing is showing up in the inbox or the sent items. Or, your calendar isn't showing some of your appointments. How do you fix it?

First:  verify your settings.
Second: make sure all your updates for Office have been run. 
Third: If none of the above work, try emptying the cache. This clears everything out of Entourage and brings down a fresh copy of all your emails from the Exchange server. Be prepared for Entourage to be slow for a few minutes while it resynchronizes with the server.


Step 1: Open Entourage.
Step 2: Right-click on your Exchange account just above your InBox. In the following menu, select Folder Properties.
 Description: EntourageFolderProperties

Step 3: Click on the Empty button.
Description: EntourageEmptyCache

Step 4: Click on the Empty Cache button again.
Description: EntourageEmpty


Step 5: There may be a brief pause before you can click the OK button. This is normal. Entourage is clearing the cache and bringing down a fresh copy of your email from the Exchange server. The current contents of what you have in Entourage will disappear and be replaced with the clean copies.
Description: EntourageClickOk

You can work while Entourage is resynchronizing with the server.