How to Install Samuel Merritt VPN for Mac OS

Make sure you are connected to smu_lawn

Launch your browser, and browse to

choose ‘Continue’

Under, Group….dropdown the selection box and choose smu_employee_vpn

enter your SMU network login and password

choose continue

From the menu on the left, choose AnyConnect

Choose ‘Start AnyConnect’

If you get a message about Java being out of date, choose download Java

This will take you to the Java download page, choose ‘Agree and Install’, the application will download
Launch the installer from your downloads folder

Return to the Cisco AnyConnect tab in your browser

Choose the manual install link to continue with installing VPN client

When the installer finishes downloading, launch the installer from the downloads folder

Launch the installer

Launch the Cisco AnyConnect application from the Cisco folder inside the applications folder


Here, you can right-click (2 finger tap on the touchpad or CTRL-click) and choose Options – Keep in dock

Choose Connect

Choose ‘Connect Anyway’

Enter your network password

Choose ‘Accept’

Choose ‘Ok’

You can view the status of your VPN connection from the notification bar icon at the top of your screen


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