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Samuel Merritt University's (SMU) Health Sciences Resource Center (HSSC) has ongoing relationships with all of the following organizations:


Professional Associations ↑ 

Association of Standardized Patient Educators (ASPE): ASPE is the international organization for professionals in the field of Standardized Patient methodology. ASPE is dedicated to:

  • professional growth and development of its members
  • advancement of SP research and related scholarly activities
  • setting standards of practice; and fostering patient centered care

Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSH): SSH's more than 2,000 members are educators and researchers united by a desire to improve performance and reduce errors in patient care using all types of simulation.

Society in Europe for Simulation Applied to Medicine (SESAM): Founded in Copenhagen in 1994, SESAM is a network of European educational institutions that sponsors annual conferences on advances in simulation and the current applications of these advances.

California Institute for Nursing and Healthcare (CINHC): CINHC was founded in 2002 in response to the looming nursing shortage in California to develop strategies to address the nursing shortage and other nursing issues that affect the health of all Californians.

California Simulation Alliance (CSA): A state-wide alliance to support simulation use in nursing through education, faculty development, best practices, research, awareness, and collaboration. There are 7 state-wide collaboratives that comprise the CSA, including the Bay Area Simulation Collaborative.

Bay Area Simulation Collaborative (BASC): A project of the Bay Area Nursing Resource Center, BASC is comprised of members from the schools of nursing and hospitals from the Bay Area. The Samuel Merritt University Health Sciences Simulation Center is a regional BASC Center of Excellence and Apprentice Training Center. We host educational events and facility tours for BASC members, provide consulting services, and help develop faculty training and scenarios.

Simulation Innovation Resource Center (SIRC): SIRC is an e-learning web site co-sponsored by the National League for Nursing and Laerdal Medical Inc. At the site nursing instructors learn how to develop and integrate simulation into their curriculum, and interact with experts and peers.

International Nursing Association for Clinical Nursing Simulation and Learning: INACSL's mission is to "promote and provide the development and advancement of clinical simulation and learning resource centers." Various workshops and conferences are sponsored by this organization.


Vendors ↑ 

Education Management Solutions (EMS): This Pennsylvania-based company is the leading developer of performance assessment software, simulation-center management solutions, and digital audio-video systems for simulation-based training. SMU uses EMS's integrated digital audio-video and clinical assessment system to document student progress and competency.

Gaumard Scientific. Founded in 1946 by a World War II trauma surgeon, this company develops innovative teaching simulators for nursing care, emergency care and OB/GYN. SMU's HSSC uses Gaumard's [Noelle® birthing manikin] (CW: Link to this manikin under Facility/Equipment/Manikins) and its neonate [HAL®] (CW: Link to this manikin under Facility/Equipment/Manikins) to train nursing students and practicing physicians. These training adjuncts allow us to realistically simulate the drama of obstetrical and neonatal emergencies, which require early recognition, critical thinking, leadership and smooth execution of team work.

Laerdal Medical: This company first came to international prominence in 1960 with its invention of the cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training manikin known as Resusci-Anne. Today Laerdal is an industry leader in simulation equipment and software programs — and a supportive partner of SMU, having worked closely with our staff to design the HSSC and develop its equipment. In 2009 we were proud to be named one of Laerdal's 16 [Centers of Educational Excellence] (CW: Link to this section under What's New/Honors) for integrating simulation into the core of the university curriculum.


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