Biography: Lina Gage-Kelly

Lina Gage-Kelly, MS, ANP
Simulation Coordinator – Nursing
Assistant Professor
510-869-6511 X 7641

Lina Gage-Kelly received her bachelor of science degree in Nursing from the University of Maryland at Baltimore and her master' s in Adult Nurse Practitioner with Specialization in Occupation Health from the University of California, San Francisco. She came to Samuel Merritt University (SMU) in 1999 with a broad range of experience in medical/surgical care, critical care, and emergency room nursing as well as occupational health nursing.

Working in both the BSN and entry-level Master' s in Nursing (ELMSN) Programs in the School of Nursing, Lina established herself as an accomplished clinical faculty member in health assessment, skills, and senior preceptorship courses. She was later named clinical coordinator for both the BSN and ELMSN programs. In 2008, she gladly accepted the opportunity to transfer to the Health Sciences Simulation Center as the Simulation Coordinator for Nursing.

Lina continues to work with both nursing faculty and students. She has mentored SMU faculty in the integration of simulation in the pre-licensure nursing curriculum. She is also a simulation instructor for the Bay Area Simulation Collaborative (BASC) and has taught the Level 1: "Simulation Training" course in both Northern and Southern California.