Mission Vision and Values

HSSC Mission Statement ↑ 

The Health Sciences Simulation Center (HSSC) promotes immersive learning for healthcare professionals in an environment where simulation-based education is purposefully integrated into programs. Through a collaborative, interprofessional approach we provide opportunities to acquire knowledge based on best practices and to positively transform the experience of learning.

HSSC Vision ↑ 

The HSSC adopted the Envisioned Future of the SMU Academic Affairs Division as its vision statement.  

At Samuel Merritt University, we are united in the education of healthcare practitioners who will improve health and wellbeing in our communities. As educators, we engage in exemplary teaching, scholarship, service, and practice. As learners, we engage in authentic experiences that empower us for success. Our collective drive for excellence is characterized by a commitment to never stop asking, “How can we improve?”

Our success is founded on the contributions of everyone at Samuel Merritt University, our alumni, members of our local communities, and people throughout the healthcare system.  What we achieve together creates a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. Thus, we are accountable to create and sustain a culture in which people experience:

  • Robust interprofessional collaboration
  • Respect for the value diversity brings to us and appreciation for the ways that inclusivity enriches our communities
  • Respect for each person’s physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual needs
  • Encouragement and support that empowers us to develop our personal talents and interests while providing the necessary resources for success
  • Intentional preservation of time and space for creativity and innovation
  • Encouragement and opportunities to embrace change, confront daunting challenges, and celebrate experiences of learning
  • Timely, clear and open communication
  • A mutual commitment to earning each others’ trust

Within this culture, we are all responsible for ensuring that our work aligns with a collective effort to achieve our vision.

HSSC Values ↑

The HSSC set of values are those declared by the University:

  • A learning environment where we challenge ourselves and our students to think critically, seek mastery, and act compassionately.
  • A collegial environment where we are fair, respectful, and behave with integrity.
  • A collaborative environment where we partner with one another and with others in the community.
  • An innovative environment where we take reasoned risks and move nimbly.
  • A results-oriented environment where we provide and expect exceptional performance and service.


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