Useful resources for making the most of immersive learning at Samuel Merritt University (SMU).

Peralta Student Computer Laboratory ↑ 

Peralta Student Computer Laboratory.

One of several computer labs at Samuel Merritt University, this one is located close to the HSSC. It has 35 computer stations that provide access to all the resources mentioned above. Iin addition, students can access all our computer-assisted instruction from these computers.

Wireless Internet Access ↑ 

SMU's Health Sciences Simulation Center (HSSC) is equipped with wireless internet access, so learners may easily access the following resources:

  • The SMU library's extensive electronic holdings
  • The Blackboard® e-learning platform, which contains course syllabi (including references and links to key knowledge sources)
  • The Internet

Hardbound Textbooks ↑ 

Consistent with the trend toward electronic modalities, the HSSC's hardbound collection of program-specific content is small, focusing primarily on simulation-related topics.

HSSC Blackboard® Website ↑ 

The HSSC has its own area on SMU's Blackboard® site. This is the place to go for information about the HSSC inventory, scheduling information, and directions for the proper use and care of the task trainers and manikins, and for planning a simulation session.

"Smart" Classrooms ↑ 

All classrooms at SMU have instructor stations outfitted with computer and audiovisual equipment for teaching with a variety of media. Several classrooms are located near the HSSC and are available for conferences as well as for SMU classroom work.

mySMU ↑ 

mySMU is a community based portal site designed to provide a collaborative, secure environment for organizations and groups.  The groups include student groups, University committees, and national associations. The new mySMU allows you to keep in touch with fellow classmates, students and colleagues. With friends lists, profile pages and blogs, SMU users will always be in the know! The mySMU site will soon have a community site for the Health Sciences Simulation Center. Watch for an announcement on our "What's New" page.

Telepresence systems by Cisco/Tandberg ↑ 

Video conferencing technology.

SMU has utilized video conferencing technology using Tandberg systems (global leaders in video communications) since 2002 primarily to implement distance education offerings in the School of Nursing. In Spring 2010, Cisco (the worldwide leader in networking) merged with Tandberg and as a result, the university benefits from the combined TelePresence™ portfolio and services of Cisco Tandberg. There are telepresence systems on the Oakland campus (in the Health Education Center and the HSSC) and on each of the 3 Learning Centers in Sacramento, San Mateo and San Francisco.

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