Institutional Assessment

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Institutional Assessment at Samuel Merritt University

Assessment of both institutional performance and student learning is a daily activity for SMU faculty, staff and students.  Institutional change and improvement in student learning requires a systematic, comprehensive, coordinated and transparent evaluation process.  Several organizational units share management responsibility for overall assessment.

The Assessment Committee is charged with evaluating the entirety of institutional performance, including learning.  Chief responsibilities include analysis of institutional surveys and the Institutional Dashboard.

The President’s Council receives recommendations of the Assessment Committee to plan and implement corrective actions that can improve the institution at large, including climate, diversity, resources and services and experience of work (EOW).

The Academic Council takes responsibility for programmatic evaluations focused on student learning, formal Program Review and specialized accreditation.

The Office of Institutional Research and Evaluation is charged with collecting, disseminating, analyzing, and promoting the use of information for University planning, decision-making, and assessment at all levels.

The Office of Assessment of Educational Effectiveness is primarily responsible for assessment of student learning in relationship to institutional learning objectives, program objectives and course objectives to improve alignment and secure evidence of student learning.  The primary means of accomplishing this is via the Curriculum Mapping Initiative (CMI).

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