Educational Effectiveness

1. SMU Institutional Assessment Paradigm

(The above linked page describes the Institutional Assessment structure for the entire University, inclusive of the committees and councils involved, individual accountabilities and functional role of each)

2. Educational Outcomes

3. Program Review (PR)

(This section includes the self studies, peer analysis, and action plans by program, conducted at the five-year or mid-term interval of specialty accreditation)

4. Program Level Assessment Plan Reports

(This section includes comprehensive assessment plans for each program. Note that formats are different, dependent largely on specialized accreditation requirements)

5. Core Learning Competency Analysis

(This section details the work of Academic Council in review of each CLC by department and by expert peer review groups)

6. Five Year Assessment Plan

(This table describes, by year, the tasks, accountabilities, timeline and outcomes integral to the institutional assessment process)

Assessment of Educational Effectiveness Management Software

Curriculum Mapping Initiative Tool (CMI):  CMI Tool (developed at SMU in 2010) is a software application for developing and analyzing learning outcomes and and linking them to evidence of student learning at the institutional, program, and course levels.