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Between 5 to 6 hours per working day

Trevor is a 23-year-old very mobile but Developmentally Delayed and Non-Verbal Autistic Male. He uses sign language and his IPAD scenarios with electronic Pictures to communicate. He is an Artist and practices Activities of Daily Living, Community Socialization, Abstract Art Training, Music Therapy, and Nature Trail Clean-up job skills.

A Life Skills Tutor will provide:
• Activities of Daily Living – includes helping him with dressing, cleaning, and toileting
• Health and Fitness activities – includes his scooter, basketball, and hikes on trails
• Supporting community activities – includes transportation training, library training visits, and shopping scenarios.
• Support for Trevor to volunteer for local Park trails clean-up duties.
• Support positive behaviors and communication to help him Socialize and Generalize
• Ensure Trevor’s safety
• Work with IPAD activity scenarios and Augmentative Communication Visual Tools.
• You will be paid to be trained on how to use the software on Trevor’s IPAD as needed.
• Tutor work is needed 7 days a week (Monday through Sunday) - based on your schedule
• Tutors can work between 5 to 6 hours duration per working day- based on your schedule
• Communication with parent conservators and updating Trevor’s Progress during each training shift in binder or IPAD
• Communicate 24 hours in advance regarding illness or emergency if possible
• Required certification will be (Finger-print clearance, Vaccine, and First Aid/CPR class) fingerprint reimbursement given after 90 days of a minimum of 18 hour work weeks. Maximum hours per week authorized are 30 hours per individual tutor. Starting wage is $32.50 per hour.
• We have new PPE (Masks, Gloves, and Sanitizer) as needed since Masks (KN95) and Gloves are provided if you do not have any at the start of shift.

Please email your brief resume of experience and a reference to: jessp55@gmail.com
We will review your qualifications and email or call if you give a number to discuss the position with you and decide if you want to have a Zoom Webinar to meet Trevor and his family.
Thanks for your time and consideration!
Jess (He/Conservator/Father/Trustee)