Samuel Merritt University Job Listing RSS Feed - Student Jobs en-us These are the latest Student job listings for Samuel Merritt University. For more information, please visit us at Work Study-Health Science Simulation Center (HSSC) & Clinical Skills Lab <strong>Job Type: </strong>On Campus<br /><strong>Department: </strong>HSSC<br /><strong>Date Posted: </strong>November 28, 2016<br /><strong>Description: </strong>The Clinical Skills Laboratory (CSL), housed in the south wing of the HSSC, is a branch of the Health Sciences Simulation Center (HSSC.) The HSSC North and HSSC South together comprise Samuel Merritt University s centers for immersive and simulation-based learning. The CSL includes a larger skills lab/training space and simulation and standardized patient suites. The CSL is intended primarily for use by all SMU faculty and students, and for selected external customers of the HSSC. <br /> <br />The Work Study Student or Teaching Assistant reports to the Operations Manager of the Health Sciences Simulation Center (HSSC). The student will work closely with the HSSC Simulation Specialist, Simulation Coordinator, and the Clinical Skills Lab Coordinator. In addition, the incumbent will assist students in skills development and simulation-based education experiences. <br /> <br />DUTIES RESPONSIBILITIES <br />1. Maintain simulation suites and training rooms to ensure they are stocked with necessary supplies, equipment and they are neat and orderly for learning. <br /> <br />2. Clean and perform maintenance on basic manikins, task trainers, and human patient simulators. <br /> <br />3. Assist faculty and students with the operations of skills equipment, e.g. task trainers, manikins, IV pumps, etc. <br /> <br />4. Help set up and put away supplies for lab activities for faculty and student use of the Clinical Skills Lab. <br />5. Participate in a training by the HSSC faculty to become familiar with the operation of the simulation equipment, operating software (Laerdal and Gaumard), and the audio-visual recording system data management (Education Management Solutions). <br />6. Assist with the setup of simulation activities as needed. <br />7. Assist HSSC faculty in operating the computer during simulation. <br /> <br />8. Assists with the data management maintained through the Education Management Solutions (EMS). <br />9. Help with other projects that facilitate learning activities in the Clinical Skills Lab. <br /> <br />10. Other similar or related duties as necessary. <br /> <br /> <br />MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS <br /> Organizational prioritizing skills <br /> Flexibility and willingness to get the job done. <br /> Knowledge of nursing skills equipment preferred <br /> Commitment to Service Excellence <br /> Excellent verbal and written skills <br /> Good judgment and creative thinking to solve daily problems. <br /> Interpersonal skills that support optimal public relations for the CSL <br /> Ability to work independently <br /> Mon, 28 Nov 2016 14:50:40 -0800 FWS-Assistant to the Contract Specialist (ACS) - Finance and Administration <strong>Job Type: </strong>On Campus<br /><strong>Department: </strong>Finance & Administration<br /><strong>Date Posted: </strong>October 26, 2016<br /><strong>Description: </strong>DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include but not limited to the following. Other duties may be assigned. (An asterisk (*) denotes an "essential job function" for ADA purposes). <br /> <br /> Assist in day-to-day clerical work. <br /> <br /> Assist in reviewing and processing contracts. <br /> <br /> Assist in verifying and completing the necessary paperwork needed for University contracts. <br /> <br /> Assist in monitoring compliance with University and Sutter Health policies and procedures. In addition, to maintaining compliance with all State and Federal laws and policies. <br /> <br />SUMMARY <br />The Assistant to the Contract Specialist will work under the direct supervisor of the Contract Specialist. <br /> <br />ACS is responsible for the maintenance of the SH contract database (TractManager) the SMU database system and certificates of insurance. <br /> <br />ACS will assist in ensuring contracts are in compliance. <br /> <br />ACS works closely with faculty clinical coordinators across academic programs, ACS will work with external agencies and administrative offices of SH to ensure regulatory compliance. <br /> <br />ACS will create and maintain contract files. <br /> Wed, 26 Oct 2016 10:21:46 -0700 Federal Work Study Studenet -Motion Analysis Research Assistant <strong>Job Type: </strong>On Campus<br /><strong>Department: </strong>MARC<br /><strong>Date Posted: </strong>October 17, 2016<br /><strong>Description: </strong>Job Title: Federal Work Study Student- Motion Analysis Research Assistant <br />Location: Motion Analysis Research Center (MARC) <br />Department: MARC <br />Division: OAA <br />Cost Center: 8084 <br />Reports to: Professor Drew Smith <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />Purpose: To provide support to research projects being conducted in the MARC. <br /> <br /> <br />Qualifications: Bachelor s degree (or equivalent).and FWS elligible <br /> <br /> <br />Responsibilities: <br /> <br />The duties of the RA will include: <br />1. Data entry and archiving; <br />2. Recruitment of subjects for on-going projects in the Motion Analysis Research Center (MARC); <br />3. Screening of subjects for inclusion/exclusion criteria; <br />4. Informing subjects of the nature and extent of their participation in research in the MARC; <br />5. Obtaining informed consent from suitable subjects; <br />6. Set-up of equipment for data collection; <br />7. Preparation of subjects for data collection; <br />8. Collection of human motion analysis data according to the IRB-sanctioned methodology; and <br />9. Inspection of data for completeness and suitability. <br /> <br />Length of Employment: Various (project dependent) <br /> Mon, 17 Oct 2016 11:16:32 -0700 Front desk help-Work Study Students <strong>Job Type: </strong>On Campus<br /><strong>Department: </strong>HEC <br /><strong>Date Posted: </strong>July 20, 2016<br /><strong>Description: </strong>The HEC information office is currently seeking help with job duties but not limited to the following:Answering phones, posting of daily schedule, performing safety walk through. Providing support and information regarding scheduled Oakland campus events and classes. <p> </p> <br /> <br />To apply please contact Julie Poteet at 510-869-6161. Wed, 20 Jul 2016 10:32:44 -0700 Work Study Office Assistant-OT <strong>Job Type: </strong>On Campus<br /><strong>Department: </strong>Occupational Therapy<br /><strong>Date Posted: </strong>July 18, 2016<br /><strong>Description: </strong><p style "margin: 0in 0in 0pt" class "MsoNormal">PURPOSE: To assist the Administrative Assistant withclerical/administrative tasks.</p><p style "margin: 0in 0in 0pt" class "MsoNormal"> </p>JOB QUALIFICATIONS: Familiarity with Apple/Mac personal computers, word processing, and filing; ability to work with confidential materials, demonstrated accuracy and thoroughness in detailed work, familiarity with data bases and Excel documents helpful but not essential. <p style "margin: 0in 0in 0pt" class "MsoNormal">LENGTH OF</p>EMPLOYMENT: Ongoing AVERAGE NUMBER OFHOURS PER WEEK: 8 HOURS PER WEEK, specific hours flexible HOURLY WAGE: $13/hr. SUPERVISOR: Drew Ward, Administrative Assistant, (510) 869-8925, <p> </p> Mon, 18 Jul 2016 15:38:50 -0700 Work study-Staff help <strong>Job Type: </strong>On Campus<br /><strong>Department: </strong>Facilities<br /><strong>Date Posted: </strong>June 15, 2016<br /><strong>Description: </strong>Looking for a work study student to help out with filing and misc. projects. Flexible days/hours, anytime Monday through Friday between 9 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. If interested, please contact LaTorri Johnson 510-869-1505. <br /> Wed, 15 Jun 2016 14:55:47 -0700 Babysitter-Alameda <strong>Job Type: </strong>Off Campus<br /><strong>Department: </strong>Human Resources<br /><strong>Date Posted: </strong>June 6, 2016<br /><strong>Description: </strong>Looking for an after school babysitter Tues/Thurs/Fri, possible Tues mornings <br /> <br />Hi. We are looking for an after school babysitter for my son starting mid-August on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from about 2:45 - 5:45 p.m. May also include Tuesday mornings from about 7 a.m. - 9 a.m. The mornings would include getting my 3-year-old son ready for preschool as well and then dropping him (a drive of about 1. 5 miles) after dropping the 5-year-old. Afternoons may include picking up the 3-year-old from preschool, depending on the day. Bonus if you are ever available evenings. <br /> <br />The boys are fun, active, love art, being outside, building machines, and getting dirty in general. <br /> <br />Because of a GI issue, the 5-year-old is just starting potty training. He will need help with toileting (as will the 3-year-old, of course) and positive reinforcement. <br /> <br />We are on the East End of Alameda. <br /> <br />Local references required. Pay range $16-18 per hour. <br /> <br />Please email <br /> Mon, 06 Jun 2016 09:21:41 -0700 Work Study Student-Occupational Therapy <strong>Job Type: </strong>On Campus<br /><strong>Department: </strong>Occupational Therapy <br /><strong>Date Posted: </strong>May 2, 2016<br /><strong>Description: </strong>DEPARTMENT: Occupational Therapy (8025) <br /> <br />TITLE: Clinic Assistant <br /> <br />LOCATION: Office of the Administrative Assistant - Peralta Pavilion 4706 <br /> <br />PURPOSE: To assist with operation of the Pediatric Occupational Therapy Clinic <br /> <br /> <br />Start date 5/31/16 <br /> <br />DUTIES AND <br />RESPONSIBILITIES: 1. Greet and escort families arriving to the clinic. <br /> <br />2. Provide parking information and distribute parking vouchers. <br /> <br />3. Assist with clinic setup, organization, and breakdown. <br /> <br />4. Communicate with Environmental Services (EVS) regarding weekly linen or classroom needs. <br /> <br />5. Inventory clinic supplies and equipment. <br /> <br />6. Create, organize, and maintain client files. <br /> <br />7. Communicate with families of clients regarding non-clinical matters (appointment reminders, follow-up missed appointment). <br /> <br />8. Perform various short-term assignments as designated by Administrative Assistant. <br /> <br />JOB QUALIFICATIONS: Familiarity with Apple/Mac personal computers, word processing (documents and label making), ability to work with confidential materials, demonstrated accuracy and thoroughness in detailed work, excellent communication skills. <br /> <br />LENGTH OF Orientation (2 hours) TBA before 9/25/15 <br />EMPLOYMENT: Mondays and Fridays beginning 09/25/15 through 12/7/15 <br /> <br />AVERAGE NUMBER OF <br />HOURS PER WEEK: 8 HOURS PER WEEK, <br /> <br />HOURLY WAGE: $13/hr. <br /> Mon, 02 May 2016 10:44:27 -0700 Child Caretaker <strong>Job Type: </strong>Off Campus<br /><strong>Department: </strong>HR<br /><strong>Date Posted: </strong>April 25, 2016<br /><strong>Description: </strong>Room in Berkeley to Exchange for Child Care <br /> <br />We want to exchange a room in our home for part-time childcare. We are a family of four, our house is in the North Berkeley Hills, and we are looking for: <br />a) Summer help (exact dates flexible); and <br />b) Live-in childcare for the September-May 2016-2017 school year. <br /> <br />FOR THE SUMMER JOB: 35-40 hours per week, 7am to 1pm, 20th June through 12th August (moving dates very flexible). The primary duties are to care for our seven year old son in the morning before he goes to afternoon summer camp (taking him swimming, playing ball in the park, going to museums, hosting play dates and other activities). Duties also include watching our two year old daughter from 7am to 8 or 9am (she has childcare during the day), and helping with some household duties -- cooking, cleaning (no more than we would expect from a family member), and occasional evening care for both kids. This job would be ideal for student who wants to stay in the area over the summer, needs a place to live, and is willing and enthusiastic about helping us with our childcare needs. For this job, we would provide room, board, and a stipend of $500 - $1,000 (depending on hours worked and if you want full board). <br /> <br />FOR THE SCHOOL-YEAR JOB: Approximately 20 hours per week (2 hours before school and two hours after school, plus occasional evenings or weekends) from early September through mid-June. The primary duties are helping with the morning routine on school days, picking up kids from school, and helping with dinner preparation. For this job, we would provide room and board in an even exchange for child care. <br /> <br />Required qualifications: <br /> Have previous childcare experience <br /> Be over age 18 <br /> Be a high school graduate or equivalent <br /> Be proficient in spoken English <br /> Have no criminal record <br /> Be in good health <br /> Have a driver s license <br /> <br />We offer: <br /> A private, furnished room, and all meals if you d like that <br /> A loving family in a quiet and comfortable home, in a safe neighborhood <br /> Two super-cute kiddos <br /> References from prior summer helpers <br /> A car, if you need one (the house is one block from the bus stop) <br /> Some flexibility: we are willing to balance your schedule with ours, and we can offer additional work hours if you d like to earn more. <br /> <br />Please contact: <br /> Mon, 25 Apr 2016 10:51:15 -0700 Work Study Student Office Assistant <strong>Job Type: </strong>On Campus<br /><strong>Department: </strong>School of Nursing<br /><strong>Date Posted: </strong>September 28, 2015<br /><strong>Description: </strong><p>Description:</p><p style "margin: 0in 0in 0pt" class "MsoNormal">Assist the department with routine office tasks and special projects.</p><p style "margin: 0in 0in 0pt" class "MsoNormal"> </p><p style "margin: 0in 0in 0pt" class "MsoNormal"> </p><p style "margin: 0in 0in 0pt" class "MsoNormal">Qualifications:</p>Excellent interpersonal skills, including the ability to quickly organize and communicate thoughts and speak effectively with co-workers, the public, and student populations Computer skills: experience using Microsoft Office word and spreadsheets, working knowledge of basic Windows applicationsAbility to successfully work independently, and read and carry out written and verbal instructionsAbility to work as a team and instruct new work study students in office set up Ability to handle privileged information in a confidential mannerBasic mathematical skillsPhysical Effort Required:Primarily sedentary deskwork with occasional trips to other departments within the collegePhysical ability to lift, bend and flex the upper bodyHand and finger dexterity for computer, calculator, copy machine and telephone useMust be able to express or exchange ideas by means of the spoken word in person or on the telephoneAbility to receive detailed information through verbal and written communicationAbility to read and write documentsOccasional lifting up to 30-40 poundsAbility to push and pull carts<p> To Apply: Please e-mail your resume to Gladys Mecum at</p><p> </p> Mon, 28 Sep 2015 14:29:09 -0700 Work Study Assistant, IT <strong>Job Type: </strong>On Campus<br /><strong>Department: </strong>Information Technology Service<br /><strong>Date Posted: </strong>September 2, 2015<br /><strong>Description: </strong>Job Title: Work Study Assistant, IT <br />Location: 3100 Telegraph Ave, Oakland Ca <br />Department: Information Technology Infrastructure Technical Services <br />Cost Center 8070 <br />FLSA Status: Nonexempt <br />Purpose: Serves as a contact for supporting the University IT Helpdesk and provides assistance to student labs and printer operations <br /> <br />Duties and Responsibilities: <br />Responds to help-desk inventory requests from University department. (Toner, Paper, etc.) <br /> <br />Creates Service request for University end user incidents using the computer information system. <br /> <br />Works with users to ensure timely and effective problem solving <br /> <br />Engages in over-the-phone consults for intermediate technical issues (password resets, use of Learning Management System) <br /> <br />Performs other related duties as may be assigned. <br /> <br />Job Qualifications: <br /> <br />Required to walk <br />Must be able to use hands to finger, handle, or feel <br />Ability to reach with hands and arms, stoop, kneel, crouch, or crawl <br />Ability to talk and hear <br />Ability to regularly lift and/or move up to 40 pounds <br />Length of Employment: By Semester <br />Average Number of Hours Per Week: 8-24 <br />Supervisor (s): Marcus Walton <br />Names of Employees Who Can Sign the Timecard: Marcus Walton, Blair Simmons <br /> Wed, 02 Sep 2015 14:46:35 -0700