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Title : SMU-2001951-Adjunct Faculty-RN to BSN (All Campuses)
Date : October 15, 2020
Department : Nursing (RN to BSN)
Type : Faculty
Location : Other
Contact : Yassin Janneh
To Apply : Visit Taleo Link
Cost Center : 8032 & 8011
Description :

Who we are: Samuel Merritt University graduates improve health outcomes and reduce disparities for all members of our communities. We have spent more than a century preparing outstanding healthcare professionals through immersive learning and community engagement, and are deeply committed to transforming healthcare through diversity and inclusion. At the School of Nursing, we are at the forefront of educational innovation in theory and practice to prepare highly competent professional nursing leaders who are engaged in the advancement of nursing practice and the improvement of health for diverse populations/peoples. Our mission is to prepare highly skilled nurse clinicians and nurse leaders who promote health and well-being across diverse populations and communities, recognize the importance of Social Determinants of Health, and practice with compassion, kindness, and respect. 

Join a team of dedicated educators: Our faculty are known for their passion for growing the nursing profession. With this passion, we strive to awaken curiosity in our students and instill lifelong learning. Congruent with our values, we work hard to inspire service and leadership in our students and in our surrounding communities. For this reason, the role of faculty is vitally important because of their unmatched position to shape the professional and personal development of graduates. Adjunct faculty are responsible for creating a positive learning environment for students in accordance with the educational objectives of the course and implement the policies identified in the course syllabus to ensure the successful achievement of course objectives.

The RN to BSN program is a unique program designed to both aid ASN nursing in degree completion as well as to indoctrinate the nurses into the caring sciences. Watson’s caring science is the theoretical framework embedded throughout the cuticulum

Position Summary: There are adjunct faculty (Theory and Clinical) opportunities available for the Fresno, Oakland, Sacramento, and San Francisco Peninsula campuses.

Major Areas of responsibilities include but not limited to:

All Assignments

 •Completes the required orientation for adjunct faculty

•Creates a dynamic, learner-centered environment that supports the diverse learning needs of the student population based on educational theory and evidence-based teaching practices

•Apprises students of their progress in the course at the mid-term point, as defined in the syllabus, and for those who are not meeting expectations, establishes a mutual learning plan to achieve stated goals

•Notifies the lead faculty and program chair of at-risk students as soon as identified and at least weekly thereafter

•Completes final evaluation of student performance and submits student grades on time

•Participates in program and course faculty meetings as needed

•Meets with program faculty to review the course and make recommendations for improvements

•Refers students to appropriate learning and support resources.

Teaching (Theory)

 •Prepares and conducts effective classroom/hybrid/online learning activities congruent with the course objectives

•Plans learning experiences that are appropriate to the level of the student

•Responds to student electronic and telephone communications within 48 hours

•Prepares and reviews written examinations, papers, and student projects and evaluates learner performance in the classroom

•Meets with students as requested outside of class to provide learning support

•Submits attendance at the start of course

Teaching (Clinical)

 •Meets with course lead prior to the first day of clinical to review clinical and course requirements.

•Completes an appropriate clinical orientation to the site/s (if necessary) where the faculty member will be overseeing students; maintains and enhances competence in the clinical area of teaching

•Models reflective and critical thinking in the lab/clinical environment and serves as a coach and mentor for students; confers with them on their progress and assists them in the development of learning plans to facilitate successful achievement of course objectives

•Reviews written assignments and provides appropriate, timely, written feedback; documents student progress on appropriate forms and if necessary, provides a learning plan for the attainment of objectives

•Submits the students’ final clinical evaluations for filing as instructed as well as final grades

Courses: we are recruiting for faculty to teach courses in the following subjects:

 •Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (August, 2020 and beyond)

•Applied Research and Statistics (August 2020 and beyond)

•Quality, Safety and Leadership (Summer 2020 and beyond)

•Health Policy (Summer 2020 and beyond)

•Community/Public Health Nursing: Didactic and clinical (August 2020 and beyond)

•Humanities (August 2020 and beyond)

•Caring Science (January 2020)

•Genetics (January 2020)

Minimum Qualifications & Requirements

Education & Experience

•Masters and/or doctorate in nursing or a related field from an accredited institution of higher learning required.

•Experience teaching diverse students at the baccalaureate or higher degree level, preferred

•Unencumbered CA RN License

•Rank is commensurate with qualifications and experience

•Demonstrated current competence in theory area at the level of the student being taught

•Experience working with leadership in healthcare and academic institutions and community organizations, preferred


•Function effectively as a member of a team and independently

•Communicate using email, word documents, and web-based programs


•Express or exchange ideas by means of the spoken word in person or on the telephone

•Receive detailed information through verbal and written communication

•Read and write clearly

•Model appropriate ethical and professional behaviors

•Embrace mission, vision, and values of the program, school of nursing, and university

•Have a clear vision for aligning safety and quality with student learning activities

Preference will be given to applicants who are Heart Math and/or Caritas Coaches

The University has an institution-wide commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. We strive to build a welcoming and supportive campus environment, and acknowledge that diversity is an educational imperative to achieve excellence.

*** Please apply to an adjunct faculty position on the four campuses.