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Title : Executive Assistant & Office Manager to VP of Strategy, Innovation and Operations and Executive Director of People and Culture
Date : May 2, 2020
Department : Strategy, Innovation and Operations
Type : Staff
Location : Oakland
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Cost Center : 8140
Description :

Job Summary:

The Executive Assistant and Office Manager for both the Office of Strategy, Innovation and Operations (SIO) and Office of People and Culture (PC). The Executive Assistant supports the goals of both campus leaders and creates a campus environment welcoming for all students, faculty, staff and community members to ensure their success. This position is responsible for the ongoing executive and operations support for both offices, direction of assigned administrative staff, and ensures the timely and high quality services are provided to all internal and external constituents, customers and vendors.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Other duties may be assigned. An asterisk (*) denotes an "essential job function" for ADA purposes.

30% - Executive Support: Office of Strategy Innovation and Operations and Office of People and Culture

•Be present to represent both the Office of SIO and Office of PC during the office hours of the University. Be accessible to the Vice President, primarily and Executive Director, secondarily as needed.

•Be completely confidential on behalf of the University, the Office of SIO and Office of People and Culture. 

•Be protective of both leaders in regards to reputation, privacy, integrity, ethics, and honor on behalf of the University.

•Help the University fulfill its mission by maintaining high standards of excellence, honesty, and professionalism. Apply the principles of continuous quality improvement, which includes working cooperatively with colleagues and projecting a service orientation towards all.

•Communicate effectively and courteously on behalf of both offices and the campus community.

•Interact with all members of the University community. Impart accurate information and direction to staff, faculty, students, Sutter Health employees, and to external individuals and organizations in a courteous, professional, and facilitative manner.

•Schedule appointments, maintain accurate calendars of standing appointments and special meetings, and establish appointment priorities for both the Vice President and Executive Director. Keep all concerned informed of pending activities pertaining to them, and keep them immediately apprised of meeting and calendar changes.

•Arrange the Vice President's and Executive Director's travels and community engagement activities and process necessary administrative paperwork and reimbursements in a timely fashion.

•Interpret requests and assist in compliance as appropriate. Provide information and take necessary actions in a timely manner.

•Orders and maintains supplies and arranges for equipment maintenance.

•Perform in a calm and professional manner at all times, especially during crisis or emergencies.

30% - Operations and Office Support: Office of Strategy, Innovation and Operations

•Direct assigned administrative staff and student workers for the office of SIO.

•Anticipate the needs, coordinate the activities, alert Vice President regarding upcoming events, meetings and activities, carry out policies, and implement decisions for the Vice President in an effective, efficient, professional, respectful, and facilitative manner.

•Gather data and prepare for meetings such as Board of Regents and various key committees and task forces commissioned by the Vice President.

•Participate in SIO Division Leaders Cabinet meetings, take meeting notes, complete meeting minutes, track and follow up with projects assigned to the SIO Division Leaders by the Vice President.

•Participate in and support committees and other activities assigned by the Vice President that promote the quality, growth, and development of Samuel Merritt University.

•Review and summarize contents of incoming materials for the Office of SIO. Read and draw attention to important information or potential conflicts. Ensure that requests for action, or information, are relayed to the Vice President.

•Proof read carefully all outgoing correspondence for the Office of SIO to ensure professionalism prior to signature.

•Develop and maintain records management system to assure fast retrieval of needed information and protection of vital records for the Office of SIO.

30% - Project Management Support: Office of Strategy, Innovation and Operations

•Develops, implements and executes projects as assigned for the Vice President.

•Monitors and prepares reports on project status and performance measures/metrics on behalf of the Vice President.

•Monitors and prepares reports on project status and performance measures/metrics on behalf of the Vice President.

•Supports the Vice President in preparing and distributing communications directed to the campus community regarding project status.

10% - Other duties as assigned

Supervisory Responsibilities:

Direct assigned administrative staff, student workers and temporary staff of the Office of the Vice President of Strategy, Innovation and Operations.

Required Skills:

Present oneself both in manner and image that fit for the professional setting. Be courteous and act professionally at all times. Be able to function independently and reliably. Be able to uphold the utmost integrity, honesty and work ethics.

Excellent Communication skills, both oral and written. Knowledge of University organizational structure, programs and activities, policies and procedures for effective evaluation of the propriety of proposed transactions and their potential impact on University interests; for provision of useful advice to others on means of accomplishing their operational goals; and for locating sources of relevant information.

Proficiency and effectiveness in the use of latest office technology and management tools, including but not limited to Skype, Zoom, Outlook, PowerPoint, Windows 365, Excel, Word, and Access. Ability to read, analyze and interpret documents, contracts, data, policies, and regulations, which are complex in content, syntax, and expression.

Ability to write concise, logical and accurate materials. Knowledge of the mechanics of written English (e.g. grammar, punctuation, spelling) and ability to apply such knowledge consistently and effectively so that documents, whether produced by the incumbent or others are proof read and edited to ensure that they are mechanically correct.

Ability to analyze complex problems or information in an objective manner and derive logical conclusions to provide a sound basis for establishment of priorities, selection of appropriate courses of action for pursuit or recommendations to others, and resolve conflicts.

Ability to organize work effectively to achieve timely progress on multiple simultaneous tasks; under the directive of the Vice President and Executive Director, distribute tasks appropriately among office staff; meet deadlines; be results-oriented; and maintain a high level of productivity and quality of work.

Ability to exercise tact, confidentiality and diplomacy in dealing with others so as to secure necessary information and cooperation from a variety of people and enable the incumbent to conduct effective negotiations, resolve disagreements and conflicts.

Education and/or Experience:

•Bachelor’s degree required. Master’s degree preferred.

•Minimum five years of broad experience with increased responsibilities in an academic environment

•Minimum three years of Project Management Experience required. Certified Project Manager preferred.

•Minimum three years of experience as an executive assistant to a university Executive level leader

The University has an institution-wide commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. We strive to build a welcoming and supportive campus environment, and acknowledge that diversity is an educational imperative to achieve excellence.