Motion Analysis Research Center - Employment Opportunities

Positions Available

  Job Title Description
1. Motion Analysis Research Assistant
(SMU students eligible for Work Study only)
To provide support to research projects being conducted in the MARC

The duties of the RA will include:

  1. Recruitment of subjects for on-going projects in the Motion Analysis Research Center (MARC);
  2. Screening of subjects for inclusion/exclusion criteria;
  3. Informing subjects of the nature and extent of their participation in research in the MARC;
  4. Obtaining informed consent from suitable subjects;
  5. Set-up of equipment for data collection;
  6. Preparation of subjects for data collection;
  7. Collection of human motion analysis data according to the IRB-sanctioned methodology; and
  8. Inspection of data for completeness and suitability.

Pay rate:  $13.00 per hour

Contact:  Professor Drew Smith (510) 879-9242  or

















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