Motion Analysis Research Center - Grants and Contracts

Current Projects

The effects of trunk position on hamstring muscle length and contraction velocity during landing and cutting maneuvers
Principal Investigators: Gerwyn Hughes, PhD (USF), Drew Smith, PhD, and Stephen Hill, PhD (MARC)

Biomechanical and EMG analysis of runners with Iliotibial Band Syndrome
Principal Investigators: Robert L. Baker, PhD, PT and Drew Smith, PhD (MARC)
Co-Investigators: Rich Souza, PhD, MPT (UCSF) and Stephen Hill, PhD (MARC)

Biomechanical analysis of adolescent gait patterns related to obesity
Principal Investigators: Tamar Brand-Perez, PhD, PT (CSUEB) and Drew Smith, PhD (MARC)
Co-Investigators: Cindy Chang, MD, Ryan Sargent, MS, ATC (USCF-B CHO) and Stephen Hill, PhD (MARC)

A study of the effect of custom-made foot orthotics on anterior cruciate ligament of the knee
Co-investigators: Stephen Hill, PhD (MARC) and Tim Dutra, DPM (CSPM)
Funding: SMU Seed Grant

The impact of maximalist running shoes on lower extremity kinematics and kinetics during walking and running compared to neutral running shoe
Principal Investigator:  Cherri S. Choate DPM (CSPM)
Drew Smith, PhD and Stephen Hill, PhD  (MARC)
Funding: SMU Seed Grant

An investigation comparing upright quiet standing and handstand activities using electromyography and 3D motion capture analysis 
Jaimie Harrow, 3rd year Doctor of Physical Therapy Student
Drew Smith, PhD and Stephen Hill, PhD  (MARC)


Completed Projects

An Investigation of the Relationship Between Foot Type and Static Pedobarography in Adolescent Female Gymnasts
Ashmi Patel, Lena Sun (3rd year DPM students)
Drew Smith, PhD and Stephen Hill, PhD  (MARC)

Concurrent validity and reliability of 2D motion analysis for running gait measures using 3D systems
Derek Yang (Masters student), Vanessa Yingling, PhD,  (CSU East Bay)
Drew Smith, PhD and Stephen Hill, PhD  (MARC)



Year Awarded Title Amount ($) Investigators
2015 The efficacy of custom foot orthoses in the protection from non-contact anterior cruciate ligament injuries at the knee 4,970 Hill, Razzante, West, Curry & Tran







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