Program Schedule

Friday, November 3, 2017

Workshops (AM)

Time Session Location Moderator(s)
8:30 Provocative Testing for Common Foot, Ankle, and Leg Disorders in the Athlete Bechtel Dr. Richard Bouché
10:00 BREAK    
10:30 Biomechanics of Iliotibial Band Syndrome in Recreational Runners MARC Dr. Robert Baker
Prof. Drew Smith
Dr. Stephen Hill
12:00 LUNCH    







Tutorials (PM)

Time Session Location Moderator(s)
1:00 Gait Retraining: A Biomechanical Approach to Running Injuries Bechtel Dr. Irene Davis
3:00 BREAK    
3:30 Acquired PES Valgus in the Pediatric Patient: Assessment and a Paradigm for Clinical Decision Making Bechtel Dr. Russell Volpe
4:30 Day Wrap-Up Bechtel Prof. Drew Smith
4:45 Wine & Cheese Reception Foyer Sponsored by C-Motion, Inc








Saturday, November 4, 2017

Morning Session

Time Speaker Location Title
8:15 Prof. Drew Smith Bechtel Welcome
8:30 Dr. Irene Davis Bechtel Keynote Address:
The Path to Strong Healthy Feet
9:20   Bechtel  
9:40   Bechtel  
10:00   Bechtel  
10:20 BREAK Foyer  
10:40   Bechtel  
11:00   Bechtel  
11:20   Bechtel  
11:40 Dr. Richard Bouché Bechtel Keynote Address:
Exercise-Related Leg Pain in the Athlete - What's New?
12:25 Lunch & Posters Foyer  
1:10     Keynote Address:
3:40 Dr. Russell Volpe Bechtel Keynote Address:
Video Gait Analysis of Common Pediatric Foot and Ankle Conditions - Before and After Treatment
5:05 Prof. Drew Smith Bechtel Awards and Closing Remarks

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