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The effects of trunk position on hamstrings muscle length and contraction velocity during landing and cutting maneuvers

Contact: Dr. Gerwyn Hughes  (415.422.6585)

Principal Investigators:  Gerwyn Hughes, PhD, Drew Smith, PhD, and Stephen Hill, PhD


  • Recreational athlete who participates in some form of physical activity at least 3x per week
  • Between ages 18 and 35
  • Healthy and injury-free
  • Self-reported status of poor health
  • Self-reported status of being injured
  • Age greater than 35 or less than 18 years
  • Inability to understand sufficiently instructions in English

Ongoing recruitment of subjects


Biomechanical and EMG analysis of runners with iliotibial band syndrome

Contact: Robert Baker

Principal Investigator: Robert Baker, DPT, PhD

  • Running at least 5 miles per week
  • Between ages of 18 and 50
  • For runners diagnosed with ITBS: positive Noble compression test
  • Current injury(ies) to lower extremity(ies)
  • Recent surgery(ies) to lower extremity or lower back

Ongoing recruitment of subjects


Breast cancer survivorship studies

Contact: Ben Boyd

Principal Investigator: Benjamin Boyd, PT, DPTSc, OCS

  • Women (18+) who have completed (all planned surgeries and radiation) for unilateral breast cancer
  • Women (18+) with no history of breast cancer
  • Women still undergoing treatment for breast cancer
  • Women with bilateral breast cancer

Ongoing recruitment of subjects

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Contact: Dr. Stephen Hill email or (510) 879-9243 or (510) 879-0337

Please check this page regularly if you would like to volunteer for on-going projects in the MARC.

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