SMU Students Provide Care at Project Homeless Connect

On October 24, 25 Entry Level Master of Science in Nursing (ELMSN 2) students participated in Project Homeless Connect in San Francisco. The event took place at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, where caregivers provided services  to 1,000 homeless attendees including healthcare,  family support, food, HIV testing, housing, hygiene products, mental health services, substance abuse treatment, SSI benefits, employment counseling and job placement, and wheelchair repair.  The city-run service has been operating one day every other month since 2004. As of October 29, 2012, Project Homeless Connect is beginning a program called Everyday Connect, where those seeking services will be connected to hard-to-access resources throughout the year.

ELMSN students have been participating in Project Homeless Connect events for the last 6 years as part of their Community Health Nursing course, providing screenings, foot care, triage, interpreting services, advocacy, education and more, and find it a deeply rewarding opportunity to work with the community.   

Click here to see KTVU’s coverage of the event.


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