DNP Student Takes Nursing to New Levels

Kathy GeierDoctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) student Kathy Geier has spent much of her 38-year nursing career assisting orthopedic surgeons in conducting joint replacements. Now she is using her training and experience to educate other nurses as well as to help uninsured patients to live free from pain.

Geier is currently working on her doctoral degree at Samuel Merritt University (SMU) so that she and a colleague, AJ Benham, can realize their dream of creating an orthopedic training residency for nurse practitioners.   

"Being in school provides the discipline we need to develop our program," says Geier, who also earned a second master's degree and a Nurse Practitioner certificate 12 years ago at SMU. "We believe obtaining our DNP degrees is necessary for each of us to have the credibility we need to teach the program."

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photo of Kathy Geier

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