Presentation at Japanese University Spotlights Technology and Staff/Faculty Collaboration at SMU

Instructional Designer Ted Curran and Associate Professor of Nursing Fusae Kondo Abbott traveled to a public university in Japan in late January to share their expertise in technology and online education, and came away with renewed appreciation for the advanced state of education at Samuel Merritt University (SMU).

“I was deeply honored to be invited to Japan, a place I never thought I would ever see, and was touched at how kindly received we were,” said Curran. “I was excited that our expertise at SMU could benefit other learners halfway around the world. It reminded me how far ahead of the game we are at SMU and how well-positioned we are to harness the power of student-centered teaching and learning online.”

Curran made presentations to the faculty and staff at the University of Kochi about the technical and pedagogical aspects of distance learning and learning management systems (LMS). Curran and Abbott were invited to present as part of the development of the University’s new Disaster Nursing Global Leader Degree program, a five-year collaborative program with four other universities.

“We are using the most recent technology here,” said Curran. “At SMU we invest in training our faculty, and by sharing our expertise together, it showed how closely we, the staff and faculty, work together.” 

Read the rest of the story and see more photos on the March issue of eNews.

pictured: Ted Curran at the historic Kochi Castle, built in the early 1600s by the feudal lord Yamanouchi Kazutoyo

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