Community Learning Forum (CLF) Program

For two years, Samuel Merritt University (SMU) Associate Professor Richard Rocco, PhD and Assistant Professor Christina Lewis, PhD have brought their Community Learning Forums (CLF) to both Allen Temple Arms and Allen Temple Baptist Church in Oakland.

The Community Learning Forum (CLF) is a series of health education seminars intended to enhance public awareness of primary health matters in the local community. The CLF is a partnership between the Allen Temple Baptist Church and Samuel Merritt University. Each seminar focuses on a specific health-related topic (e.g., diabetes, osteoporosis, or cancer) and is taught by SMU faculty with expertise in these areas.

The CLF 2014-2015 program is available here.


The 2013-2014 CLF program is available online and as a downloadable PDF. Presentations through May 2014 are listed.



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