Profiles of Passion

Profiles of Passion is a series of stories about SMU students and alumni who are demonstrating their dedication to transforming healthcare in their communities and the world.

Artesia Sanders:  Future Nurse Case Manager Wants to Heal Her Community

Artesia Sanders

ELMSN Case Management student Artesia Sanders grew up in East Oakland and is working to find solutions to local public health issues through her focus on community health.

Camille Gonzales: Putting OT to Work in Mental Health

Recent OT alum Camille Gonzales is applying the hands-on occupational therapy approach in a psychiatric hospital setting.

Angela Flowers: Emergency Case Manager and Future Nursing Leader

DNP student Angela Flowers has big plans. She hopes to influence U.S. healthcare reform and someday assume a leadership position at the World Health Organization.

Sadaf Sherzai: Health Educator and Future Podiatrist

Years after her family made a difficult journey to the United States, Sherzai decided to help other immigrants rebuild their lives in the Bay Area by becoming a health educator for an international relief organization.

Mohammad Deen: Humanitarian Worker and Future Certified Nurse Anesthetist

No longer able to watch the refugee crisis unfold from afar, Deen traveled to Greece to help provide medical care to Syrian families who escaped war but are now living in tents in squalid refugee camps.

Lucas Fogarty: Longtime Diabetes Champion and Future Physician Assistant

Diagnosed with diabetes as a child, Fogarty has spent the past decade volunteering his time to promote awareness about the disease in his own Bay Area community and around the globe.

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