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SMU will train interdisciplinary teams of students from 9 schools on a new model of care
Researchers are recruiting women who have completed treatment as well as women with no history of breast cancer
Recent purchases include a Biodex isokinetic dynamometer, a sophisticated system that tests muscle strength and power, and two AMTI force platforms
Working at camp illuminates what it means for children to live with a disease
After graduating with her ABSN in December 2016, Trang Nguyen was able to land her job at Stanford following these steps
Artesia Sanders grew up in East Oakland where she remains deeply committed
Claire Desmond helped the U.S.A. Ultimate National Team take home the gold
Exercise is a natural de-stresser. With the new student gym, these 3 exercises are easy to try!
Profiles of Passion features students & alumni who are demonstrating their dedication to transforming healthcare
This infographic breaks down the key differences between these often confused fields
Donna Riopelle's research found that waist-to-hip ratio, more than BMI, could be a tool to help people lose weight
SMU is now only the third simulation center in California to receive full accreditation from Society for Simulation in Healthcare
Competition can be tough — particularly right out of school. These SMU grads share what they did to get hired.
18 years later, Corrinne Wolter is following in her mother's footsteps and enrolling at SMU
Clinton Global Initiative University (CGIU) inspires college students to develop innovative solutions to pressing global challenges
No school, no problem. BSN student Andrew Dang shares how to stay active with healthcare by thinking outside the classroom box.
As living conditions deteriorate in the homeless camps, healthcare treams hope to prevent people from getting sicker
Cocaine, heroin, and opium common drugs of the era
How can we provide care without naively asking shaming questions? How can we slow down and listen to our patients rather than hunt for symptoms?
When Zach Dochnahl graduates with a DPT next year, he hopes to work with veterans like himself who return from combat
Nearly 400 graduates in caps and gowns walked down the aisles of the Paramount
ABSN student AJ Reyes is becoming a nurse to give back to the profession that saved his life.
Gary Hall Jr. Will Give the Commencement Address Friday, May 26
How do you choose between an ABSN or BSN program? What's the difference between RN and LVN? BSN Senior Ritz breaks down the process.

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