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Japanese students visited SMU in March while SMU students prepare for their own trip to Japan in June
FNP student Fatema was discouraged by teachers, couldn't pass classes, and didn't get accepted to nursing school. Instead of giving up, she found a way to overcome her obstacles.
Podiatry students return from North Chicago with victory plaque
Two SMU faculty members and an alumna will inform a national meeting of aging experts
With marijuana use now legal for adults in California, Nurse Practitioner Eloise Theisen describes “cannabinoid therapeutics"
SMU students & faculty clinicians will treat foot and ankle conditions and conduct health screenings
SMU will send a different CRNA student to Stanford every two months
Advice from Ericka Huggins: Listen, Mentor, and Meditate.
An interview with Stanford Life Flight Program Manager Michael Baulch
Physical injuries can trigger past experiences with trauma in other parts of patients’ lives
This Black History Month (and every day) structural determinants of health should be on every care provider's mind
Students explore the role of educators and develop their teaching skills
Terry Nordstrom, VP of enrollment and student services, has been honored with a national award for his contributions to PT
Every dollar of scholarship money won is one less dollar of debt to pay back.
Growing knowledge of the lived experience of mental illness through art
Mayra Jimenez gives tips on finances, academics, work/life balance and more!
Growing relationships with formerly homeless clients
Interview: Who are the people charged with being the student voice?
The program's first 38 graduates celebrated their academic achievement
Confronting the myth that movement belongs to PT's
Food pantries in Oakland, Sacramento and San Mateo campuses open on Dec. 8
The median earnings for SMU students a decade after starting their bachelor degree studies are $106,700
What would it take to reshape the experience of care inmates receive? How can we help others live with dignity?
The event will take place on Friday, Nov. 10 at 11:30 a.m. in the Bechtel Room
“This past year serves as a true testament that anything is possible.”

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