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Team from SMU spent a week in Havana, Cuba in late 2015 to learn nation's healthcare system and healthcare education models
A 14-person delegation of students and faculty from Seirei Christopher University (SCU), a private healthcare science university in Japan, began a 10-day visit at Samuel Merritt University
SMU student volunteers in Mauritania to prevent infant mortality
For the first time in the 23-year history of the event, SMU’s California School of Podiatric Medicine (CSPM) won the annual – and much smaller – national basketball tournament among the country’s nine podiatric medicine universities.
DPT Students, Faculty at American Physical Therapy Association Conf' 2016
SMU's Mike DeRosa and his collaborator Dr. Suzanne August set out to design instructions for medication any one could understand, no matter their native language or reading level
Researcher Teaches Girls RNs are Healthcare Scientists Too
In celebration of Black History Month, Samuel Merritt University (SMU) will host “Will the Real Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Please Stand Up?” — a talk about the ministry, theology and ethical stance of the slain civil rights leader.
Emerging educational movement "structural competency" under consideration as a possible curriculum at SMU
Rory Caygill-Walsh, SMU 2009, now works as an FNP at an underserved clinic in West Berkeley
Technology is the new frontier for ensuring equality for physically disabled people
Three podiatry students from SMU win awards from the American Public Health Association.
Three SMU students win public health awards
Two Occupational Therapy Faculty Win National Awards
The White Coat Ceremony symbolizes the learning transition from the classroom into the clinic
The brothers intend to open their own physical therapy clinic eventually
Stevenson and Lee have hosted the free classes in several SROs
The encouraging growth means that SMU has met and surpassed its goal for attracting more Latino students to the University
During their stay, the professors toured the Oakland campus and visited with students
The students were honored at at the 2015 Jonas Scholars Leadership Conference in Washington, DC
Education is at the core of this ghoulish break from the classroom
The scholarship is unique in its recognition of awardees’ dedication to service
FACES was awarded $2.5 million grant from the Office of Minority Health at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

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