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California Assemblyman Rob Bonta at SMU
Bonta, a former Alameda councilman, said he was impressed by SMU’s diverse student body
Dr. Joy DeGruy with Shirley Strong and Sharon Diaz
DeGruy served as the closing speaker at the SMU Black History Month celebration
Ramirez at clinic
Ramirez now shares her devotion to the Native American Health Center with her students
SMU student with patient
Most of the 150 or so patients who attend the clinic each year lack access to healthcare
DNA strand
Dr. Kathleen Calzone from the National Cancer Institute and Dr. Jean Jenkins from the National Genome Research Institute will be presenting
SMU student at art show
The traveling display will be up until March 28
Japanese visitors
The visitors were from Yamanashi Prefectural University in Kofu, Japan
education icon
The program has been developed by experts in online teaching, learning, and nursing
The symposium was dedicated to new teaching technologies in healthcare
The next meeting is Monday, January 26
Listen to the "I Have a Dream Speech"
Dr Dutra with Allen and Peck
The national grant was from the American Podiatric Medical Students’ Association
#BlackLivesMatter student participants in Sacramento
All three campuses participated
SMU student Shanda Williams
Becoming a nurse was not always her goal.
A recent study is looking at new ways of making housekeeping jobs less painful
We pick our top stories from the last year
Barb Puder spent the day with the girls at Our Lady of the Elms elementary school
The recipients of the Providence College of Nursing Alumnae Scholarship Fund were announced
Preston teaches at the Sacramento learning center in the master’s Case Management program
The symposium reflects SMU’s commitment to innovative teaching practices
Congratulations to Dr. Kate Shade, Dr. Christina Lewis and Dr. Richard Rocco
First year OT students’ experience their first-ever, real-life, client interactions