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Enroll now, sessions begin Monday, September 28, 2015
The group surpassed their goal of 50 backpacks
The seminar is modeled as a “mini-boot camp” for nursing students
Diaz assumed the position of associate professor and co-chair of the SMU Doctor of Physical Therapy program in late July
Students engaged in a variety of learning activities
This is Dr. Dutra's first experience with the World Games
The SMU booth was a hot spot as the Wheel of Health took center stage!
Jalia Kizito grew up in a small village in Uganda and now is in the ELMSN program at SMU
The Wheel of Health Disparities was a hit!
Every Summer SMU hand selects approximately 40 students to participate
The workshop gives future applicants an interactive glimpse of life as a CSPM student
The team raised more than $1,400 dollars
TeamSTEPPS is a national system for healthcare professionals from different backgrounds to strengthen teamwork and communication
Members from The Auxiliary to the Sinkler Miller Medical Association, donated a laptop to Cooper
The reception took place during the Annual Western Foot and Ankle Conference
Reeves says that it’s been a life-changing experience to work with her transgender patients.
The prospective students came from all over the globe – from Berkeley to the West Indies
Attendees will have an opportunity to network with nurse anesthesia program directors
Two SMU faculty attended
The Featured Alumni page will launch in the next few weeks
Nordstrom was named a Catherine Worthingham Fellow of the American Physical Therapy Association

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