Semester Set-up: Pre, During and Post


Course Shells
New course shells
are generated a month or two before the semester begins. These course shells contain no course content; they are created based on information contained in PowerCampus for that term. Each course shell contains several standard navigation, course menu buttons: Announcements, Syllabus, Course Documents, Discussion Board, and Faculty Information. You have the option to create the entire course, or copy materials from a previous course (source) into the new course (destination).

Copy Materials to New Course
To learn how to add some or all of your pre-existing course materials to your new course: see, Preparing for the Next Term - Copy all Course Content. This and other quick demos are located on our BbEST page. If you need assistance, please call SMU Blackboard Support or submit a HelpDesk Ticket.

Blackboard Support: 510.869.6836, pess 1

Submit a HelpDesk Ticket online:

Please provide the Course ID and Title of BOTH the source (original) course and the new (destination) course. You can find this information from each course’s Control Panel. It is displayed as the title in the Control Panel.


Faculty and Student Enrollment 
With Snapshot, faculty and student enrollment in Blackboard academic courses is automated, and updated every two hours based on information pulled from the PowerCampus database. Faculty assignments and updates should be sent to the Office of the Registrar by your director, chair or dean. It is the responsibility of the faculty of record to ensure course access is appropriately granted to other faculty, e.g. clinical faculty or guest faculty.  Students are enrolled in to a Blackboard course once they’ve registered for the class.  Please do not add students.  If there is a problem with a student enrollment (few or no students in the course), please contact SMU Blackboard Support.

Making your Course Available
Control Panel > Settings > Course Avalability: Make course available: Yes


Making your Course Unavailable
Control Panel > Settings > Course Availability: Make course available: No

Hiding Courses
From your Blackboard Welcome Page click on the pencil icon in the "My Courses" bar on the far right.
In the "Customize: My Courses" window, you can deselect the check mark in Display Course Name so that the course will not display.

PLEASE be careful not to alter any content or materials in a course that has been completed. It is a record of the course and faculty / student participation. TIP: Working with source and destination courses at the same time might be confusing, and changes could be made to the wrong course. One way to easily identify the “new” course is to change the color of its button/text navigation in the left panel. To do so, go to the “new” course’s Control Panel > under Course Options: Course Design > Course Menu Design


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